Cheat Responsibly (A Lulu Public Service Announcement)

I have a lot of Free Time on my hands… but I don’t like having my time wasted.

So for your sake I’l keep this Short:

I don’t Pixel Hunt (you probably know it by its more common name, Exploration)
& I don’t Grind or Farm.

Modern Games these days tends to be really time consuming… so much time wasted on grinding and leveling up to get the thing and by the time you already get it the thing its now useless because the game’s over.

But wait… why am I cheater ?

Well thats easy… because if I can I will try to avoid Grinding and Pixel Hunting at all costs… How ?

By watching Walk Throughs.
& since I’m a PC Gamer I can cheat too using something called a “Trainer”…

Personally I don’t see this as cheating… I see this the developers having no respect for my time so now I gotta fix the game for them.

That being said, I cannot stress enough that this is a Very Slippery Slope… I only cheat to affect only my own experience. I don’t let my cheating affect other players. But more than that I don’t try to over reach and completely alter every aspect of the games I cheat in… its very Tempting to Enable God Mode and One Hit Kill but really no game I think of is so annoying that it warrants enabling Infinite Health or Ammo or whatever. If the game was that broken I’d just not play it altogether.

Its eithet that… or this:

So you spent the last two weeks, turning the game into a chore… so that you can play the game less ?

I remember a long time ago doing this with Final Fantasy 7 for the PC. I remember getting as far as I could go and just getting stuck. I just wanted to know what the rest of the story is like so started all over again with a trainer running in the background. At the time it was fun having 9999 life and being able to use Knights of the Round on the very first enemies of the game.

I’ve never found cheating in single player games wrong. If anything, you lose out on the feeling of completion, but that’s about it. I remember when I downloaded Skyrim on PC, I used mods to create epic weapons and PC codes to level up my character to max on everything.

Needless to say with weapons that hit over 1 million hit points and being so high leveled no enemies could kill me, the game was easy.

Having said that though, it didn’t feel like I was earning anything, so I haven’t used mods/cheats since.