Cheappest PC to play KI on 720p @ 60 FPS?

Hi everyone have you guys ever played KI on a AMD A8 APU PC? does it pass the online score benchmark? what about a GT 720 Nvidia? does it pass the online benchmark? looking for a cheap as possible PC for my friend his budget is $400 max. He is fine with playing KI on PC on 720p once it passes online test he plays fighting games but he has a PS4. I am trying to get him to buy KI but he obviously cannot afford $50 US a year just to play 1 game online on xbox one when he already has to pay the same fee for PS4 aswell at some point he came to realize he needs to get into PC gaming to overcome these paywalls. It wasn’t feasible to pay $100 US a year just to access online on both consoles.

So he wants to buy KI but he needs a new PC, his budget is around $400 US. But this thing has to pass the benchmark. This is important for Online the 720p resolution is fine.

PS his desktop is going to be connected to a HDTV so i am just looking for benchmarks on low end GPU whats the lowest GPU that passes the KI benchmark at 720p?

^ those specs are not accurate it usually never is.

Also he will be buying a recent PC, he won’t get those old specs he will get a newer PC but lower end specs. For Example KI says minimum requirements are a quad core but this is a lie I have tested this on a dual core and it runs fine.

What I need to know is GPU performance, like if anybody here has low end dGPU running KI like say a GT 720 video card or R7 240

Again he does not mind playing in 720P as long as its 60 FPS

My display settings are maxed out and I use a GeForce GTX 970.