Characters that YOU want returning in a theoretical KI sequel (Poll)

I made the poll for characters you would not bring back, so how about we flip it? Who are five characters that you want to see return in a theoretical sequel?

Notice I didn’t say “characters that MUST return or else it’s not KI” or something like that. This isn’t a “who’s most integral” or “who are the signature characters” survey. But if that’s your requirement for characters returning, then by all means!

I’m just saying that you choose the criteria. If you think others will vote for the more commonly loved characters, then feel free to throw a vote at someone you love that you think is underrated. Vote for whoever YOU want. :slight_smile:

Which FIVE characters do YOU want returning in a theoretical KI sequel?

  • Aganos
  • Aria
  • Cinder
  • Eagle
  • Fulgore
  • Glacius
  • Hisako
  • Jago
  • Kan Ra
  • Kim Wu
  • Maya
  • Mira
  • Orchid
  • Riptor
  • Sabrewulf
  • Sadira
  • Spinal
  • Thunder
  • TJ Combo
  • Tusk

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NOTE: As with the other poll, I removed the remixes, the guests, and the bosses to get the number down to 20, which is the maximum amount of options available. So my apologies if you’re a huge fan of Gargos or Shago or Raam, etc. FWIW, I actually like Eyedol a lot! :slight_smile:


Kan-Ra! He’s my favorite new KI character. :slight_smile:


Ah, well, those I mentioned in the other thread:

Orchid, Sadira, Tusk, Mira, Jago.

itsy bitsy teenie weenie observation/critique?

If these 5 characters were the roster of theory KI4 (KI3 lauched with 6 characters) there would be no dedicated Zoner in your list
(hopefully theory KI4 has more than 5 characters :smile: )

I don’t care. I don’t play zoners.

I would be dissapointed if there’s no werewolf. Even if it’s a new one over Sabrewulf.


I want them all back … I really like how each character presents a unique matchup experience. Just add new ones, please.

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Obviously I want my mains to come back (Jago, Fulgore, Hisako). And if for a fourth one probably Kim Wu (hopefully with slightly better range in her attacks)

Kim Please!

The others are cool too, lol


that guy is really neat when he gets going! gorgeous character👍

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had 2 give maya some love cause she so sexy❤

Glacius is practically a given. He’s too important not to come back.


Personally I like/want to see ALL of the KI characters from the current KI roster return for a new possible as well as theoretical KI sequel :grin: :smile: :sunglasses:

-Sees Hisako’s placement- Good. Everyone knows what the deal is :joy:

I picked Sako, Jago, Kim, Thunder, and Sadira. I think the latter two in particular have really, really cool designs, both aesthetically and gameplay wise. Shout-outs to the MS/DH/IG team for taking a boring caricature and turning him into one of the most bruising and terrifying-to-fight members of the entire cast!

I want fulgore in so that i can keep shooting lasers at folks with the bot

KiM is most interesting to me

By picking Jago, Orchid, Tusk, Hisako, Sabrewulf it’s clear what type of gameplay I like :slight_smile:

As for why not Kan, Maya , Fulgore or Kim. I would bring them back for sure,…totally reworked :smile:

Didn’t vote for Jago as that’s pretty much a given.

I’d never encountered a character as interesting as Maya in terms of gameplay before, surprised she hasn’t got more love considering that on Infil’s guide, he considers her gameplay as being completely unique.

I happened to pick the current top 5, before seeing it.

Hisako, Fulgore, Mira, Kan-Ra en Aganos

I actually really like Maya as well, even though she didn’t get one of my 5 votes. I think she’s probably the very best of the reimagined classic characters visually. They turned an uber-generic half-naked Amazon into a believably fierce monster hunter. Her new design is really, really good, to the point where I actually really hate seeing people so often default to her retro.

Her playstyle is annoying as all get out, but there’s no denying it’s also a pretty unique archetype. :-p

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