Characters Missing (Windows 10)

Hi, It’s been a little while since I played the game and I just reinstalled it on a new PC. I noticed that Shadow Jago, Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle are missing from my collection. It comes up with error code 0x80070490. Anyone ran into a similar problem? Know a fix?

P.S. I have contacted microsoft support and they couldn’t help, and I’ve also tried uninstalling reinstalling the game. Just as a note this was downloaded via windows store.

Good afternoon!
In some accounts on my Xbox One (Family group) they also appeared as unavailable. I already have the characters and clicked on buy, but when accessing the Microsoft Store store direct from the game, appeared the install option for Shin Hisako, Eagle and Kilgore.
Make sure the pc version has store access and check it out.
If the problem does not resolve, try talking to @KRAKENJIMMY.
Good luck! :slight_smile: