Characters guests, I'd like to see in S3

The only guests I could see and want to see are

Dive from DiveKick
Master Chief or The Arbitor

That way there is a Rare Guest, an Iron Galaxy guest and an Xbox Guest.

Dive would be broken. One divekick does ONE BILLION DAMAGE!

That would be interesting if season 3 brought in some XB1 exclusives to fill the roster.

Marcus Pheonex and General Ram

Master Chief and the Arbitor with a plasma sword

Titanfall pilot, with a Titan fall instinct mode

Laura Croft like I said before and the guy from sunset overdrive.

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Id personally just like one from a single xbox franchise cuz I dont wanna go overboard with guests. I want at most 3, Rash included.

I would rather have a locust boss vs marcus to be honest, Marcus would be good to but, with a chainsaw gun, probably wont pass the T rating, yet another reason why T ratings hurt KI. How would marcus use his chainsaw gun under the T rating restrictions, and you can forget about a curb stomp ender thats for sure.

I feel like “normal” characters like laura croft, marcus fenix, master chief, etc. are unrealistic for a game like KI…

We need characters that are abnormal or strange or a different theme as any character so far such as Rash (i huge mutated like frog)…

Like characters like :

Conker (a really small character thats a squirrel, even tho it would be weird to have a second rare character).

Raziel (soul reaver) - vampire character. Prolly a rights issue tho but it would be a third party guest, but at the same time Defiance was on xbox lol…

I cant really think of any characters like those that are xbox exclusives but i think i made my point?

Not trying to hate on anyones opinion this is just mine. :smile:

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You wouldn’t think a Locust would fit in KI? I do.

Out of 6 characters that you want, you cant even write the names of 4 of them?

Arbiter is fine, but I’d prefer Major Johnson :slight_smile:

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Unfair he never dies.

Annnnnnd he banned!

Bayonetta, and Dark Queen would be the ■■■■ as quest characters.

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Lol DIVEKICK seems more fitting than Rash.

I’d be surprised if they. Don’t at least have the Divekick guy with the backwards baseball cap and tracksuit in it, his hands in his pockets dive kicking. Lol!

Maybe could have a split screen move like leixia from scV and mileena from MKX where they dive kick from both sides

want to see one of the sons of sparda

I’m gonna assume the remaining guest chars are probably gonna be relevant so odds are the scalebound dude or Halo or something.

Its been so long since I have played gears…so yeah, I don’t remember all the names.

Microsoft and Rare characters make the most sense.
Halo: Arbiter at the top of the list. I’d like a Brute just as much as a Spartan. I’d almost prefer a Brute and the Arbiter with a Spartan skin for Fulgore.

Gears of War: Skorge looked amazing. His photo was uploaded here and a lot of people loved him. As far as CoGs go, I’d like a simple Cole skin for TJ Combo. I don’t think they would have interesting enough move sets to merit a full character slot.

Scalebound: I think thats the game’s name. Drew is the protagonists name. He looks kind of cool and the game is going to be kind of a big deal. He seems like he’d fit.

Recore: The protagonist Jewel.

I don’t think Joanna Dark would be too good of a choice right now. Another Perfect Dark game is inevitable, but it won’t be in the next 2 years (Halo is going to have its 3rd Xbone game next year; Gears its second). Spawn is contracted to Warner Bros. for another few years. Glacius was inspired by Spawn, they should just add a red cape accessory to the retro.

Castlevania’s Gabriel Belmont

Actually a character with a whip would be cool, so how about Ivy of Soul calibur series?

How about Mickey Rat?

A million times yes! Bayonetta would be amazing!

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