Characters futures

What will happen to EX: Rash, General Ram, and “Guest Characters”, will they get phased out?

Taking the time and effort, enjoying a fighter to see him dropped, I imagine would be fruitless.

Why would they be phased out if they are already on the roster?

That’s what I’m wondering.
Contracts, deals etc. Just curious.

Nothing is going to happen to the guest characters. You shouldn’t be worried about losing a character on the roster because of some contract or something like that.

  1. Microsoft owns the rights to the characters of Killer Instinct, Gears of War, Halo, and Rare IPs acquired back in the day, which includes Rash of Battletoads. This is something they don’t have to worry about.

  2. Even if Killer Instinct had a licensed character from another company, say Capcom, for a character such as Ryu, any kind of contractual agreement would allow a character license and trademark use to create the character for use within that one game, FOREVER. There is no contractual time limit the character could be used and then removed from game once a contractual time limit expires, as that’s an extremely short sighted practice that would bring more headache than it’s worth if you wrote agreements that way.

Instead, if there ever was a Killer Instinct sequel, and the developers wanted the guest character from Capcom (using Ryu again in a hypothetical), they would have to negotiate a whole new contract allowing the use of the character Ryu within the sequel, standing separately from the original game’s contract. This use allows the character to be used in that one specific game forever, again without a time limit.

That’s why we get to use the whole Marvel cast in Marvel vs Capcom games when Marvel doesn’t contract Capcom to make the game or update it any more, instead of patching the game to only allow half the cast (the Capcom side) to be used while some (hypothetical) contract expired.

In short, you are worried about something that’s not an issue.

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they will only be lost if theres a new game but all the characters in this KI will stay in this KI which is why I say more seasons and no sequels