Character that steals the opponents moves

So, I’ve been watching a lot of pro DotA games recently, and I thought of a character idea.

How about a character that can steal the last used Special move from the opponent? Like, if Jago does a DP, this guy could use this move to steal that move and be able to use it as his own, with the same frames, damage, and invincibilty, with the ability to use it as a linker or ender. He loses it once he either gets hit, or after a set time. A tradeoff could be that he has really bad specials if he doesn’t steal one from his opponent.

It could be a robot that UltraTech created to become the best fighter once the Fulgore unit became autonomous. It was meant to amalgamate the best moves from all of the fighter in the killer instinct tournament, but there was a bug in the software that prevented it from being able to remember more than one move at a time.

…or, you know, you could just play a mirror match. :smirk:

No, because that’s not the same. This guy would have his own moveset, but one of his specials would be interchangeable with everyone. This adds in a separate thing where you don’t want him to steal a specific move, or he doesn’t want to take a specific move, but you can force him into it or stop him from doing it with pressure.

Do you mean like a Shang Tsung, or more like Imposter Shinnok, that steals a move from you if you manage to hit them with his stealing move?

Do you mean Similar to Impostor Shinnok (MKX) Where he can steal a move from you and use it to his advantage?

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Kind of, yeah. But instead of a set move, it takes the last special the opponent uses.
I got the idea from a character call Rubick in DotA2, whose ultimate is called Spell Steal. When he uses it, it takes the spell last used by the target and can he can use it as his own until he dies or after a certain amount of time.

So, if this character was up against a Jago, and Jago was trying to zone him with Endokoukens, this guy would be able to “steal” the Endokouken special move from Jago and use it until he either takes a hit, or after a certain amount of time, say 5-10 seconds or something