Character Specialist VS Character Switcher

Some people are character specialists, who dedicate 90% of their time to one character and have one or two pocket characters they may use in their bad matchups. Then there are the people who play a wide variety of characters, about 3-5 mains and a few more pockets.

I was wondering which one you all are, and why you decide to be that type of player. Don’t ask me why but I just wanted to ask out of pure curiosity.

Personally, I consider myself a character switcher. I have about 5-6 characters I can play at a higher level, and about 3-4 I play just for fun.

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I guess Characters switcher I do this because every characters is too fun to mainly play one. Besides out of the main 4 I play who would I chooses to main that’s too hard.

I consider myself a character specialist. I always try to stick with one main character I really like and maybe have a few I am familiar with for when I want to switch things up and am just kind of messing around.

Like in MKX, I only play Slasher Jason and Smoke Triborg. I can mess around with Mileena, Ermac, Leatherface and Predator too but I can only really play (Like do decent with) Jason and Triborg.

in SFV I only have a Karin, she is literally the only character I even am somewhat familiar with in that game atm, though I plan on maining Juri when she comes out.

In KI, Spinal is my main man but I can also play Mira, Fulgore, and a little bit of Rash and Glacius. Obviously I can’t play them well, but I know them well enough to where I at least know which of their buttons do what lol

I just don’t have the skill to play many characters at a decent level haha

I want to consider myself a character specialist but I am a character switcher. It gets kinda boring using only 1-3 characters in a lobby and it keeps people from learning my playstyle from my mains.

Character specialist, mainly because I only play characters who really grab me, and I enjoy taking those characters as far as I possibly can. I find my main character fun, so I stick with them.

I can play three characters at relatively high level and a couple others at intermediate, but there’s no question whatsoever that I have a main.

usually a specialist, but I have like 5 BIG favorites in KI I cant focus on “1”


the only other game were I have more then 1-2 favorites is Sm4sh

Donkey Kong
Mr. Game and Watch

More of a specialist. I like to pick two characters to get good with in any FG and just mess around with the rest of the cast for fun. Orchid and Wulf for KI, Kirby and Captain Falcon for Project M. It’ll be Juri and Ken for SFV when she comes out.

Kinda both for me. I try to get mileage out of everybody, (Y’know, since I paid for them) but there are some characters that I devote extra time to.
Right now I focus on:
I hope to add Gargos when he is released.

A switcher specilist lol.

I play Kan, Fulgore, Cinder, Glacius and Mira at this point and would play them each in a tournament setting. Though I’d definately call Cinder, Kan and Glacius my main three in the rotating chair of specializing.

what??? how?

Character Switcher, the only characters i don’t know are aganos and Aria.

Hmm…that’s kinda a tough question. If I were to say…I guess it depends on how I’m playing.
If I’m playing Ranked I tend to focus on who I’m best with. Right now I’m doing rather well with Glacius, but I am also very proficent with Jago, Shago, and Fulgore.
If I’m playing casually, anyone’s game. The only character I haven’t touched is Kim…don’t really know why…er…well yeah I do…I’ve been working on getting back to Killer after the reset so I haven’t been playing casually lately.

So yeah, it just depends.

I am Tusk specialist, because I am scared of leaving my comfort zone. Weirdly enough, when I started learning Tusk, I felt same way with Jago.

I am definetly gonna main Gargos.

I am a character loyalist. Specialist sounds like a pro or something which I’m definitely not. I get confused with the inputs when I switch so I’m sticking with one character for a longer period of time.

I’m a character Specialist. While there are a few characters that I can play relatively well, there is no doubt which character I perform best as. I’ve mained Sadira since S1 and I’ve pretty much stuck with her.

One of the biggest reasons for me sticking with one character is my OCD in terms of going backwards. I NEVER backtrack, and generally when I try to pick up a new character, it puts me back at Rank 1 in terms of tech, so I much rather stick with the one character that I know how to play on a fundamental level.

Usually a character specialist. I’ve played a ton of fighters and, aside from the occasional switch over time (Marvel led me through a couple of changes in team members, for example, but this was over the whole time I played the game, from launch until I kinda felt it “died off”), I chose my character based on how I like him/her and then adapt to his playstyle and stick with him for the long run.

KI, though, has such an amazing and diverse cast, that it’s the first game I’m actually in the process of maining more than one character.

I’ve played wulf religiously since the start of season 1, but also learned my way with Fulgore, Maya and Kan Ra. Now in season 3 I’m really learning Mira and I’ll effectively be maining both her and wulf.

Character Switcher?..Granted I think a more interesting term to call our selves. Maybe a Poly-Character Specialist? or something that is shorter but doesn’t sound like we are incapable of fighting opponents who SUPPOSEDLY have an advantage over our mains?

That being said yeah I’m the Character switcher guy. I main Fulgore, Cinder, and Riptor and I divide my time up as much as possible with each of them. I do pocket Jago sometimes when I feel like switching things up and Glacius even (IDK why I guess something fun about how Glacius is, I actually kinda learned why my brother @Justathereptile loves him so much)

As for everyone else well I think Tusk is awesome even though I have issues with making myself vulnerable when I try to move my way in. Arbiter is fun as all hell to though It’s kinda iffy.

Mira’s fun but I’d probably play her more if she didn’t look like the stereotypical vampire but her gameplay alone is enough to keep giving shot.

I have been pretty much a one-character player, but I wouldn’t say specialist as I’m still not that good with Sadira. I’d like to pick up a few other characters, but I have no idea where to begin.

Now that I’ve made it back to Killer, I think I might get some other characters levelled up.

I still don’t have S3 though, as money is really tight at the moment, but I’m on the case.

Specialist here, though KI almost changed that. If it weren’t for Omen beimg there to anchor me, I’d be aimlessly bouncing about the cast like a bee thru an orchard. When I got the game, I was overwhelmed by how interesting and unique the entire freakin’ cast is. How was I ever gonna decide!?

Thanks Omen.

Though I always end up with a pocket or two, for matchup coverage, fun and swagger; I haven’t really committed myself to anyone other than Omen yet. Maybe Gargos. Two-eyed two-horned flying purple eaters for the win. Even though Omen is blue.

For completeness, I guess, I presently only play (for the next few years, if all goes well) KI and SFV. In SFV I play Nash and Alex. Though my Alex is leagues ahead of my Nash.

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