Character retros on release?

Not really sure where to ask this as it applies to all the S3 characters, but will their retro outfits be released on S3’s launch? I’m mostly curious about Kim and Tusk.

OMG if they issue a release saying Retros are coming months later I will be SO disappointed!!!

Retros should come with the ultra purchase

Well Arbiter and Rash’s retros are already done (heck we played Rash’s retro six months ago) So they’ll definitely be available at launch. Whether Kim and Tusk’s will also be available at launch is still up in the air. The odds are more likely yes but they might hold off since they don’t want the launch of S3 ruined by people complaining about every little detail in the retros.

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Actualy, if you read the news article about Rash’s retro costume colors, it said we wil se kim wu’s colors. So it’s heavily implied that we will also see her retro costume ALONG with their colors.

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Good catch, I look forward to it.

Adams has already said what Kims retro looked like in detail that i was close to the KI2 skin… so IM sure it will be ready to roll 3-29

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