Character breakdown in game, for easier use

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.
I think it would be amazing and a VERY helpful tool for both skilled players and newcomers, to have these breakdowns within the game itself.
It would quickly give people an idea of how a character played and if it’s something they wanna try out.

It could just be the breakdowns from the streams for my sake, but of course professionally cut, to the point videos would work even better.

Been having this thought because it’s sometimes kinda hard to explain people, I have over how a mechanic like Cinders “Fired Up” or Glacius’ “Ranged Doubles” mechanics work, and it would just be quicker and easier to explain it all by showing them a video of like 10 min…
Especially because many of the mechanics have some stuff tied to them that might not be immediately obvious.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: And thanks for the best fighter out there


I really like this idea. I’d love to see some more in depth in game tutorials, if only to see how its recommended to play. Would be awesome to see input from pros and content creators in such a thing in addition to devs.

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Thanks for acknowledging that… was starting to think I was the only one that saw a point to it :-\
Thought maybe a “bump” on the topic might give it another shot, but also didn’t wanna push it onto people

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Not to worry, comrade. Your post likely just got buried under other, more controversial topics that spark more heated debates.
If I remember right, I’ve seen similar topics brought up in various other threads, so you’re likely not alone in having this magnificently swell idea. :wink:

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Could you not watch it on you tube and “SNAP” the screen into 2? I mean for now until this happens or doesn’t happen? Just a thought.

Yes I could, but I already know these breakdowns… it’s for easier mentoring of newcomers, both by themselves and by friends who already play KI…
Most of those people wouldn’t even know where to look, or even if there is a breakdown for them to find

It’s all about inviting new people and getting them hooked with stuff like easy access to good knowledge, like the dojo

I agree, I’m just saying for now until this is implemented. Since this may never be implemented due to time constraints… maybe for now spread the word on how to do this?