Character Biographies


I’ve been a huge fan of Killer Instinct for so long and I can’t believe I’ve only heard of this “new” version so late! I’m pretty embarrassed XD Anyway, I’ve had Killer Instinct 2 game guides for at least 20 years now, but it’s a game that never came to our arcades here in South Africa for some reason. So needless to say I’ve been super excited to explore this new version.

I started at reading the biographies of the fighters, and as creative and cool as they are, I really do mean that, I saw some edits that I couldn’t help not notice. I guess it comes from being a writer myself, so I copied some player profiles and did some edits of my own, this was originally just for me, I know, it’s a bit weird but it’s something I love doing. I’ve done some edits on 3 so far: Spinal, Sabrewulf and Fulgore (my favourite characters). I kept to thee same story lines and themes, etc., but just took out some unnecessary or repetitive text, and just generally tightened some things up. I would love the opportunity to edit the rest, but for now would it be possible to send the ones I have done to someone to have a look and maybe it could be used to update the biographies?

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


Good Morning!
I also like the biographies of the characters. They help to idealize the “real” character’s appearance and give us even better details about them.
If I can help …
I ask that you also add my gamertags:
FX Liz Mk