Changing your team

Ok I know I’m probably missing something or maybe I haven’t gotten far enough yet but how do you switch who your captain is and how do you change who’s on your team? I started and only had the option of jago and Kim Wu and picked riptor instead of fulgore

You can quit and assemble a new team. Once selected you cannot change your captain for the entire play through until you lose/win/quit&change. You can switch your teammates after you fight a real character and they offer to join your team.

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You cant change your whole team all at once. Nut there are.missions that if you beat your opponent there will be a recruitment offer made. This is where you can replace one of your characters except the one you used to beat the guy. Other then that you have to build a whole new team like @reynosofua11 said

Thanks I wasn’t sure how it worked so I hadn’t backed out of the mode to see the change team option lol