Changes we want for Shadow Mode for S3

First and foremost, I LOVE Shadow Mode! I think it’s fantastic. Especially now that we can choose the entire cast.

However, there are a couple of things I would like to see added for Season 3.

1: Ability to search for any Gamer Tag.

  • as it is right now, unless you scroll through endless pages of names, the only way you can directly challenge someone you meet (on let’s say, these forums for example,) is to befriend them first. I think that by adding a universal Gamer Tag search option, our shadows will see a TON of more action, and the Shadow Mode community will grow in general.

2: Ability to choose a color for your shadow.

  • I actually thought that when this mode first launched that you were able to do that. Idk if that just stopped being the case out of nowhere or if I just imagined that. But either way, I think that this would help individualize our shadows even more.

3: Ability to make more than 2 shadows.

  • how about 5 maybe? I have 2 shadows and enough SP to make 4 more of them, but I can’t. So now I no longer have a desire to gain any more SP… That takes away a major part of what makes Shadow Mode so exciting.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Anything to add/amend to the list maybe?


Maybe I misunderstand point 2 but I thought you could change your Shadow’s color? We can add all the accessories and alternate costumes, and I want to say you can choose to make them any color you want as long as you have it unlocked.

Anyway, I would like to see a mode that is similar to Shadow Survival (Where we fight tons of shadows one after another) but one were you start off with standard health every match. It is a little annoying to get so far and find shadow’s that pose a decent challenge, but then ultimately start at a disadvantage/low health lol

You can choose accessories, but you cant choose a color (anymore?). Try it when you get a chance, it won’t let you.

And yeah I hear you lol. Like a Shadow Arcade mode. I actually would like to see an Arcade mode outside of Shadows as well.

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Ill test it later and see, you’re probably right, I probably just thought that because of the other stuff lol

Yeah I think something along the lines of MKX’s Endless Tower, an offline one and a Shadow Lab one would be really cool lol

He is right…you can not choose color any where in this entire game except for Character select…which is not available in shadows.

All 3 of your ideas I have posted several times in the Original Shadows thread and on a few of the past Textual stream Q&As. I never heard a response from the Devs. I know they are listening , so I wouldn’t be surprised if we at least get the GT search or the Extra Shadow. I dont think we will ever get the color option though…something to do with the way it was designed from the beginning in DH days.
Great ideas though…“fingers crossed”

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I can get behind all 3 of these ideas. :slight_smile:

I like these ideas. Especially the color one.
I think that point 3 could be expanded even further though. I think that, at the end of each match, it should give you the option to save your shadow data on EVERY character. Sure, you’d still be able to choose which Shadow was out in the wild, but I think that if you want to see how we play, it’d make sense to see how we play across the cast.
I also think that every character shadow should be unlocked for use at any time. Not having to play for umteen-million hours to unlock the privilege of using more than one shadow would be nice.

Oh, one more idea: When I first heard of shadows, I imagined that they’d be somewhat autonomous. For example: Rather than waiting for a human opponent to challenge your shadow, shadows would actively go out and search for other shadows. This would alleviate the current issue people are having with “no one is challenging my shadow since Shadows mode isn’t super popular compared to ranked or exhibition or whatever.” People’s shadows will fight each other, which will add to the list of people to fight.

I’d also suggest the ability to find a Shadow match in progress to observe it, or to set up friendly shadow boxing matches to watch with friends like the CPUvsCPU mode.
And -though it would be rather difficult to implement- I think the ability to see a match your shadow is undergoing, and be able to “tag them out” and take over when things aren’t going well. Could be fun.

I would like my shadow to stop dropping combos. It lost its first match by dropping something that i never dropped in any recordings.

Also, it is CRAZY hard to bait a throw from a shadow. I made my shadow throw A LOT, and gave it high throw escape, but i cant bait one out for anything. It just blocks EVERYTHING and then escapes EVERY throw no matter how random it is. I CANT trick it at all. Its like a better me, with 1ms reaction time :smile:

I know what you mean I created a new shadow omen and I’ve only dropped one combo with him so he now drops almost all of them.

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Kind of piggy backing off of what @Fwufikins said, I actually would like to see a “Shadow vs Shadow” mode. Instead of it being human vs shadow all time. I think it would be really interesting to see how the shadows do against each other.

The only thing I want is to be able to have one shadow per each and every single character. No limits, they feel forced and very constricting.

Well, I could also use random matching withing an SP range (so you choose whether you want to be matched with an opponet from the 50 SP, 100 SP, 250 SP range and so on, but then you face a random character and player).

Random question here. Sorry to be off topic. I remember they said they added the ability to view your shadow’s replays but I can’t find them at all. How do you get to them?

Go to the bounties screen and it tells you at the bottom. Press the view button is it (the button with 2 squares on it on the left center of the controller).

God damn it. I swear that wasn’t there last time I checked. Thanks!

No problem :wink: Glad to help.