Change ultimates on first lifebar

this rule of only on the first lifebar ultimates is really dumb.

it’s meant to be a special occasion type of victory but in reality all it has become is a noob masher.

instead of just making lower teir players feel more Pown’d how bout we just make them like normal finishers like ultras. even the pros with similar skill level don’t have a green bar for ultimate. that rule is just dumb and has no point of being there if only to frustrate lower and middle teir player base.

What do you mean by “noob masher”?

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Let me show you how to argue a point since you cant.

Ultimates are flashy ways to show your dominance over a player in game. The way damage and life bars work in this game perfect are uncommon and majority of the time when 2 equally skilled players play it’s not going to happen. So in my opinion we should not get rid of the green life bar for ultimates.

Ultimates are special way to end a match with more cinematic animations. I feel as If time and investment in giving the community something they been begging for should be kept as sacred as it can. As seen in Mortal Kombat series after the first few times of doing them it starts to loose its lust and are seen less often. Mortal Kombat has made a name off of fatalities but people stop at some point. But why? Because their not special anymore because of how many times you’ve seen it. Killer instincts ultimates on the other hand cannot happen all the the time and will not happen even 1/2 the time with generally equal players. The luster will not die as quick as if it was a all the time thing. So no it needs no changes.



Well said friend.

I understand your point but like @TheRealMil said, keeping the current conditions for doing an ultimate is what makes it special because this way it doesn’t get too boring.

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I may not care for ultimates at all in the grand scheme, but even I can accept them being only available on the first lifebar. Helps keep them more special rather than making them where you see it a few times and get sick of them eventually ala fatalities.

Also players getting frustrated over a finsher…really

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That’s nothing new, people saw that argument coming from miles away when ultimates were first announced hell probably even before then.

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u wanna pull off ultimates on noobs all day be my guest. there’s no satisfaction in it for me. all games get repetitive. seems to me ur just getting a woody pounding ultimates out on noobs.

Maybe just… don’t do ultimates on “noobs”?

I mean, you could just not do it against noobs. It’s not like supreme victories are uncommon against high level opponents, especially with the damage output in this game.


It’s funny you say that because I rarely ever use ultimates maybe once or twice since they came even when Im against so called “noobs”. Partially because I’ve been playing alot of characters who doesn’t have one, I feel no need to ULT all time and, I just forget sometimes. Lol

PS. Still not a very good argument. Especially since your assuming I do something I don’t.

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k- i dont mean like total noobs. just on the rare occasion we’re matched up with a lower rank. and thats my point. Mr sith lord. im sure ive dealt with your hisako and no way in he ll are we gonna green bar one another. The ultimate rule as it stands is just a “im better than you” finisher. and to lower tiers isnt that already obvious?

The “its gonna get old” argument is probably the dumbest argument ever. every game gets old. im sorry but if its a good match im sure the 10 second ultimate isnt going to make you say, “gee, that was an exciting match. except for the last 10 seconds”.

ill even push my point further…the current rule really only truly benefits top top players who wipe the floor with everyone anyways…its just a dumb rule that dosent amount to anything.

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It’s better than being tbagged at least.

Wow, now YOU got a good point there.