Change character costume in SL?

Not sure if this should be here or in SL

So whilst playing SL I unlocked Omens mimic skin and wanted to equip it but realized you can’t change your character look once you select and lock in. So I was wondering if there could be anyway of adding such a feature?

Unless this feature is already in and I’m just a twit?

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You have to go to the default skin option, and then you can press left or right to go to the skins section, where you can then scroll up or down to choose between mimic, shadow, gold, and terror skins. :wink:

I don’t think I posted my question correctly, I meant that once you select your team for SL and their costume/skin once you’re in and playing missions you can’t change costume/skins again? It was during SL missions that I unlocked Omens mimic skin and wanted to equip it but seems like you can’t in the same play through?

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Yes, you can’t, you’re costume locked for the duration of SL.
Having said that, you can’t use mimic skins in SL anyway, as the team fighting Gargos can’t include mimics for obvious reasons, i.e. they’re Gargos minions!

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I think you can change only the accessories. You go to store>characters and you change the costume you have chosen in SL.

The gold skins look so good in SL!
I wish they worked with retros. Orchids retro would be amazing in Gold

Well it seems clear you can’t use mimic skins, but I certainly hope the devs look to adding this feature