Chances for season 4 or groups of dlc

So what is everyone thinking as far as our chances on actually getting a season 4 announcement, or just smaller groups of characters, stages, colors, accessories periodically ? Just curious as to what everyone thinks the probability of either of these scenarios happening is. As we all know there’s been rumblings of KI being over ever since season 3 ended , and now that the marvel vs capcom floodgates are open, there’s been rumors of IG being involved in that franchise in some way going forward. We all know that eventually the game will end, and they will move on to other things, and it’d be selfish to not want them to have other endeavors after KI, but I still hope we get a final surprise season 4 announcement, or smaller dlc drops of content that would maybe normally be all lumped together in a season. So what are the odds of either of these things actually happening do y’all think ??

The majority of KI players on the forum wants at least another season, maybe more.
So i think about 80% chance we get a season 4. Don’t know what we gonna get in season 4, new characters or stages or just ultimates and no mercy’s. Costumes is also asked a lot.
Why 80%?
Cause IG listens to what the comunity wants, and 80% of the forum wants and want to pay for a season 4.
Ps; respect to IG that they listen to the comunity, and hopefully we all get what we want for this KI. :slight_smile:


Keep giving me more seasons please IG & MS <3


I would say the chances are really high. The season 3 story and the backstories they released have lots of loose ends and potential characters. Certainly they plan on more content (plans sometimes change).

What is less certain is what form that will take. I think a full on 8 character season four is most likely. But given the controversy over stages I wouldn’t be shocked if instead they released a couple of character sets with three or four new characters instead. The other big question is when? We are already months after the date of the S3 announcement. So you would have to expect a later release than March for any future content.

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i dont want this KI to lifespan till 2020 like SFV instead of a sequel. The Hexengine is an early 2013 graphic engine and clearly has big issues with vfx and aliasing. Cinder flames and his trailblazer effetcs has proven this. I want a sequel. Btw just give us dlcs for this game thats fine.

I think the chances of a 4th season are very good. I’ve read the rumors too and it’d honestly surprise me a lot if they just dropped this ongoing project that could be a revenue stream. I also think that they wouldn’t put a big survey out there that has clear eyes toward future content if they weren’t laying the foundation for a 4th season.

Sure, you could say that they could just add characters as DLC and that’s theoretically possible, but until I see them break the established model, I have no reason to think they’ll do it. Having a few less stages is one thing. Saying “we’re foregoing the seasonal model all together in favor of doing DLC” seems like a bit of a stretch.

Either way, I hope the season 4 route is the one they take. There’s still so much untapped potential in this game and I’d like to see them add to it. The question I’m curious about is what else might we get?

I think we’ll get four to eight characters. My guess is eight. They’re not going to charge a full season price and include a lot less characters or none at all.

But beyond that?

I could see them going in multiple directions with the stages. Without a relighting project this year (presumably), they could blow it out and say “we heard you last year, you love your stages. So here are stages for last year’s characters that we missed along with eight for this year’s characters and even a few classic stages for ultra pack buyers.”

Or they could say “we’re not putting any more stages in this year. We have a ton of them already. We heard what many of you said about the stage issue in season 3, but we’d rather put our budget in to some other cool stuff we’re working on rather than upping the stage count even further.”

Or they could go somewhere in between those two extremes.

I could also see them adding more skins, and I’d love to see them touch up faces, hair, etc. But my guess is that they’ll keep looking forward. More Shadow Lords content, for sure.

But after that? Will they actually add another large mode to the game? Seems kinda strange that they would. I know some people have been asking for a straight up arcade ladder. I’d personally love to see them add some more visual pizzazz to stuff like the Checking DLC screen, the Fight On screen, etc.

It’ll be interesting to see what they give, and where the money goes. But yeah, I tend to think that season 4 is happening. Just (eagerly) awaiting the announcement!! :slight_smile:

They said they would keep supporting the game as long as we kept playing. If you don’t want this game to “end” then keep playing. I would like another season but it’s understandable if ig/Microsoft prefer a sequel. I don’t think the “loose ends” in the story mode necessarily means there’s another season coming. It could just be setting up a story for a sequel. Anyways, this is by far my favorite fighting game ever. So I’m ready for another season and/or sequel. The sooner the better! Lol


Thing is with the S3 story…I have yet to see any of it becasue you cant access it unless you play 3 characters in Shadow lords? My shadow lords doesnt even work.

I so wish they would have just done a normal story mode.
I tried to make a novel with the Novel scripts like my friend on here did…but I could get any place in america to print it.

No discussion of “leak” content, real or fake.


Seasons forever.

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Where was any leaked content discussed ?

A certain leak has been posted a few times but its quickly snapped up and deleted.

Do you have twitter?

Na man I’m nowhere near cool enough for twitter ha. Jk but na I don’t. I saw the leak somewhere else but didn’t see it in this thread.

i honestly think minus patches here ad there and some skin packs i believe they are done with the game

k k k ki ki kilgooore


I think you’re wrong fortunately. I would have most likely agreeed with you before a day or two go but I think we’re gonna all be pleasantly surprised here before TOO long.

Oh. I asked because I could have told you about the ____ over there.