CEO Top 32 Results

1 BH| Thopxson
2 F3 Hollywood Sleep
3 Circa Nicky
4 BH Grief
5 Fiyah Liger
5 Pinkdiamond
7 UA Bass
7 GXG| Mister J
9 UL Randy Marsh
9 Storm179
9 ThrashHeavy
9 BH Swordsman09
13 UL ZeroMayCry
13 NikiMillz
13 Hollywood MackMane
13 RockSteady
17 NSG Aphex
17 Tahmahn
17 GnarlyFeats
17 Sol
17 482 Creole Mustard
17 Freeky Jason
17 FinchoMatic
17 TheNinjaOstrich
25 lostCamion
25 C88 ShadowShell
25 NVT| Rotendo
25 Lucien Oriol
25 C88 Floridian Demon
25 TM AnimalsMusic

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Entrance: 115


The irony of this list being top 32 is that, according to the numbers my brother and I calculated last night, I made it to the top 33. :unamused:

With that being said, someone’s going to have to work this out for me, because I had the exact same number of wins and losses that Ostrich did (3-2), and yet I didn’t make the list? What gives!?

I think I had a bye. :confused:

That’s the luck of the draw. ¯\(ツ)

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I was rooting for mah boy, @BHswordsman09 he did a good job in what little I have seen of the tournament.