CEO tournament tweeted with jbailey that they have important KI news tonight at the top 8. Probably nothing major but I thought I’d share.


Is Top 8 happening? The venue internet crashed the streams.

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Can someone please post the stream, and schedule?

(I usually hate when people ask this, but I really can’t get it myself today.)

I cant believe there hasnt been a thread with stream links , times, ect…

I stumbled upon pools earlier but Top 8 is supposed to be at 2pm Eastern and I haven’t seen anything on any of the CEO page links nor do I know who is hosting the TOP 8.

We have to do better than this… here is the CEO stream page link

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No top 8 on stream!! :frowning: I’m sad…

Announcing Killer Instinct Go.


Top 8:




Rico Sauve


So who won?

Aww man, I wish I could see this. Stream says it’s offline, so I can’t tell if it already happened or if it’s still down. Also wish I knew the announcement. Guessing it’s tour related or something?

Top 8 is delayed until the steam gets fixed. As for the announcement it’s probably world cup related, nothing actually in game, anything like that would have been announced at E3.

It’s probably a showcase of eagle, or a match with him

Stream is on right now


Looking forward to what you all announce. I still love the game even though I’m mostly a single player low tier scrub.

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So is announcement coming right before grand finals?

So Eagle game-play.

You do not counter breaker off a Hisako rekka. Valoraxe should have anticipated that one, saw it coming.

Edit: Steam release, and definitive edition owners get them free. Pretty cool, though a little bummed that definitive edition owners get them free while the regular season buyers still have to play.

Well, at least Eagle looks like he’ll be worth it.

I really wasn’t feeling Eagle after the trailer reveal, but his gameplay really looks interesting.

KI is coming to Steam! :grinning:

Coming to Steam!!