Celldweller & Atlas Plug Facebook Q&A

I didn’t know if anyone had already posted this or not but on Celldweller’s Facebook page they did a Q&A regarding their work on KI season 3.


I actually got a question answered myself…at about the 5 min mark I asked if the other 3 themes we haven’t heard yet are going to be as guitar riff prominent as the other 5 have been. They did confirm at lest 1 of the 3 will have no guitars. Yay!


I hope I can get this on YouTube. I deleted my Facebook. :unamused:


Wow that was super cool! Im ready to hear the Gargos track!

****** my one issue I have with their music is the Ultra musical notes. I dont like them at all. KIm Wi, rash and Arbiters just dont flow well and sound horrible on with other character’s patterns.

The Tusk one is OK… but to me that is were they have really fallen short.

I’m still not 100% sure about Tusk’s theme. I guess it’s just that I was hoping for more of a full orchestral/choral rehash of his original theme…just bigger & fuller than the original’s MIDI.
Considering this is a modern day Tusk, I suppose it makes sense to have a heavy guitar riff right in the middle of everything, but still…

My opinions of the themes are mostly about the feeling I get when I actually play the character that they’re made for.

  • When I play Tusk with his theme for example, I really do feel like I’m playing the barbarian monster that he is and it feels awesome. Tom was right about the drums.

  • When I play Rash, I really do get the Battletoads/8-bit feel for whatever reason (I never actually played the game lol).

  • When I play Arbiter, I feel like I’m playing Halo.

  • I’m not sure how to describe Kim Wu but it just feels right to me. Something about the beat of it makes it feel good to play Kim Wu for me.

The fact that I was able to experience this type of stuff with these themes means an A+ from me.

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Imho Rash’s theme isn’t ‘Battletoads’ enough. I mean yes they use the theme, and yes they use the iconic pause beat, but the most prominent loop you hear when playing his theme during a match is the 8bit KI theme. I would have liked it to have been more of a medley of various battletoads themes, similar to how Arbiter’s theme has samplings of several songs throughout the halo games. I would have especially liked to have heard some music from Battlemaniacs, such as the bonus stage theme.

They have some of Surf City if that means anything.

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It does actually. & it is a nice touch, thanks for pointing it out. but still, his theme is still like 3/5 KI theme chiptune, 1/5 battletoads, and 1/5 Van Halen-esque guitar riff. It should be like 4/5 Battletoads.

Soundtrack just got better and I LOVE Mick’s past work