Caught in the Act

Shaolin Fx caught the notorious Ranked manipulator in the act of cheating.

As of this month, it looks like he’s been handled, but honestly MS needs to fix the Windows version of KI from Top 32 hacking. :frowning:


What a weird saga… :sweat_smile:


Seriously the guy is a nut. Shaolin showed me all the messages he sent. It’s border line creepy.

He’s at it again?

Jeez. Sometimes I wish we still had something like a skeleton crew to at least keep tabs on this. Hope it gets resolved, and for good this time.


Shaolin actually took it directly to MS, as the individual kept harassing him and creating mock accounts and gamer tags that mimicked his.

He finally had to file a complaint with the BBB against MS for not taking action against the jerk.

I agree though, it would be nice had they had someone to fix bugs and monitor bad actors.

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what’s the point of cheating for rank in a dead game?

It’s not dead though.