Casual Exhibitions with Community Folks

As you noticed here, we are doing a live stream this afternoon from 3-5pm PST. Nothing too crazy, but giving the keys to Season 3 to some local folks.

Come by, watch the gameplay, and ask for your matchups!


[quote=“rukizzel, post:1, topic:5758”]
ask for your matchups!
[/quote]You mean we can join and play KI?

WOOT! This is gonna be great!

Sweeeeeeet, I won’t be able to catch it live so no chance at a prize for me :disappointed: but I will still watch it when I get home.

I’m one of the locals going, any match up you want to see in particular? Any tech Keits didn’t try that you want let me know and I’ll make it happen.

I wanna see more experimenting with Riptor’s stagger, and her instinct mortars. I also wanna see Tusk use and apply his Stagger Ender far more aswell as cancel into something other than DP/Air-Helm. He has 6 special attacks but everyone except maybe keits was addicted to DP-Helm cancel smh.

Oh the Keits stream apparently thought the desire to see Riptor vs Tusk was like strange or whatever but I wanna see that MU because it showcases potential defense and performance strategies for both characters whom I intend to play with Great Ferocity and a dash of High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

I just want to know what TJ’s frame data looks like now.

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uk time?

Unfortunately no. Imagine the streams we did before, but with some other people playing.

Another local person here. I also run the @PNW_KI twitter account to try and spread the word that we love this game and want to play it with as many people as possible!

I’ll be dispensing all of the Tusk matchups, don’t worry. DAH!

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I want that Orchid to come back

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I’d like to see more Hisako. More specifically, I’m curious if she actually has enough to time to both regain wrath and do a meaty attack after the level three and four hard knockdown enders. Brandon was a little too active (multiple dashes, jumps) after knockdowns to see if this still works.

Thanks, and looking forward to the stream! :smile:

Is this over? I want someone to take Jago into the lab (or a match) and do, e.g.

opener, manual xx shadow fireball, fireball xx shadow DP

and see if it’s possible to break the shadow DP at the end.

By the new opener-unbreakable-ender rules, the shadow DP should be unbreakable since a breakable does occur mid-combo. On the other hand, in S2 you can’t cash out shadow fireball with an immediately following shadow DP without putting something in the middle, which has always been…weird.

Do we have any info on what build will be used? I heard mention of the new UI being shown off soon (this week?) but I’m not sure if it refereed to this upcoming casual exhibition with the community folks.

As for match requests I’d love to see some Tusk vs Omen and a chance to look at Orchid’s stage (I think it was shown already but I couldn’t find footage of it)

Just get some amazing Glacius and Cinder players in there and I’ll be ace :slightly_smiling:

new UI is supposed to be on thursday with the Dev stream.

Sadly I won’t be able to be there this week.

Larry… say it ain’t so.

guys what time is the new stream?

Same time tomorrow! 3-5pm PDT.