Castlevania animated series

omfg, lets go! i knew the guys who brought us the 2012 Dredd with Karl Urban were talking about adapting Castlevania 3 for an animated series, i just didnt think it was happpening so quick. but really, this has been in the works for close to a decade. originally it was going to be a trilogy of movies, however the project just died off unceremoniously. so, it was picked up, the animated form of media retained, and it was made into a tv series rather than a movie. so hype!


Freaking awesome. I hope it’s following the book of shadows tale.

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this series wont have anything to do with lords of shadow from what i can tell. its loosely based on Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse

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Ahh ok still sounds cool

It looks really cool. I’m really looking forward to the show.
…I kinda wonder if it’ll have some of the classic music in the background. It’d be really cool to hear someone play the clockwork stage’s music on a harpsicord.

im not gonna hold my breath on the soundtrack matching the game’s, it likely wont as sad as that will be, but you never know…we could be surprised. konami gave em access to the IP, hopefully that extends to michiru yamane’s work shes done for the series (and the composer before her who did Bloody Tears)

my interest is definitely piqued… a lot of anime/movie adaptation stuff falls short to me, but this already looks like it’s gonna be a really unique adaptation.

Wooww!! Nice news!! :smile:

I just watched all 4 episodes…holy crap that was so awesome!!! The story is sooooo good, and also incredibly faithful to Castlevania 3 & SOTN. I can’t wait for more episodes!!!

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Binge watched this last night, I’m more impressed with this than I have been with anything for a long time, it’s awesomely gritty too, definitely not for kids, also I adore the English voice cast, 5 stars!

Yeah, I know what you mean. For a video game to movie/tv adaptation they knocked it so far out of the park it makes virtually every other attempt at adapting from a game as source material look like garbage in comparison, except maybe Pokemon, but that’s a different case altogether.

guys…my child hood is safe. 10/10. ■■■■■ sake that was such a badass start for castlevania. i thought it was gonna be good, but not that good! dracula looked ■■■■■■ legit as did alucard, and theyre teleport/dodging was straight out of the game. trevor belmont also kicked alot of ■■■, and is a genuine vampire hunter. his whip usage in combat was tons of fun to see. they stayed faithful to the series, and not one hint of that lords of shadow crap. it was castlevania 3 blended with SOTN, and we finally have the first awesome videogame to movie/series adaptation.

they kept it simple, use the ■■■■■■■ games lore and dont go off the rails changing or adding BS trying to make it better. the voice acting cast also did an amazing job, and killed it. dracula was legit evil, anyone else refreshed that vampires are deadly again? i know i am.


Yeah, and on top of that the first 3 minutes IMHO was a better love story than the entire Twilight saga.

…So yeah, vampires done right.

Now all we need is a new Double Dragon movie &/or series done in the style of Roadhouse & we’ve got game adaptations back on the right track.


Yes to vampires, but idk, they were pretty bitchin’ in Dracula Untold, too. I think the minions had that part covered, dragging off members of shall we say, the younger persuasion in horrific glory.

So you guys know how far reaching this is, I’d never really seriously touched a Castlevania game until Castevania : Lords of Shadow on the PC, but I can seriously appreciate everything they did and how well they did it, the only thing my fella who’s played a few of them was left wanting was wall chicken and I think that might be negotiable. :joy:


@WrathOfFulgore lol now that you mention it, that was wonderfully written and without giving away anything it was extremely charming. alot of the dialogue was really good, and the delivery from the actors made it feel natural

@NitricZenith the way trevor stumbled into that village, made me think he would seriously consider eating a wall chicken. lol

He just kept saying “hit the torches, hit the torches!” I’m hoping that will happen at some point if there are more of these. :joy:

They really should have thrown in some sort of wall chicken gag.

Heck, who knows, they might still do it. They pretty well shown Trevor to be willing to go to great lengths for a meal, surely wall chicken will play into that somehow…

On a side note, I’ve been listening to this all morning:

Watched it last night. I was impressed by the violence O.o For real…Not for kids at all, so parents: watch out! XD
There was a part that game me shivers: The demon telling the bishop he loved him and kissed him. OMG! :scream:

And the part I found very epic: The fight between Belmont and Alucard. It was hype :joy:

I havent watched it yet,but i plan too.what timeline do they follow?SOTN?earlier?after?

Are they starting from the begining and going from there?Sorry for the questions,im just curious

So far, they’re going with Castlevania 3, and using some of Alucard’s backstory from SOTN as well.

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