Captain Perks?

So I had an inkling of an idea based on another post somewhere in the Shadow Lords forums (I forgot who you are, but feel free to speak up if you actually exist).
So as it stands, Team Composition is based almost solely on player preference, which is pretty cool. Of course, your Captain can limit who joins your team (frankly I wonder if the limits should be more strict, with fewer options early on, but that’s less important to me) as well as which cutscenes you get to see, and of course having team members with a variety of skills/allegiances allows for more options for mission outcomes.
It got me wondering though… Could there be more ways that team composition could effect gameplay?

The idea I found/thought about is to have perks based on who your Team Captain is. Nothing too powerful so as to circumvent guardians or items, but something slight related to the character to boost your team.
Here’s a few examples I came up with:

Jago - Meditation: Slight boost to the Health bonus your team members get for skipping a turn to meditate.

Sadira - Assassin’s Greed: Increased effectiveness on Surprise rolls, making stealth more effective, and/or slightly boasted rewards from successful stealth.

Spinal -Treasure Hunter: Minor boost in the chance of finding Skeleton keys/chests

Gargos -The Good Word: Corruption builds a bit faster, perhaps thanks to the Cult of Gargos.

Ultratech characters - Employee of the Month: Slightly boosted rewards from Ultratech related missions (i.e. Ultratech facility under attack).

Obviously the specifics would be subject to change, but I think it would add another interesting dynamic to team composition in Shadow Lords. What do you guys think?


Sounds like a cool idea. I mean like you said they’d need to be balanced a bit more (your suggested Spinal one would make me nearly always run Spinal, so they probably shouldn’t directly affect loot drops).

I like the idea but as you said make sure they are balanced. I would hate if one of my favorite characters had a bad ability and that made me not want to pick him.

You could still use him but not as a team captain

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I like this idea. Kind of a passive ability.
Riptor - Rage: Teams members have added damage to all attacks

General Raam - Armor: Team members gain a level of armor based upon Ramms current health. 25% is level 1, 50% (full red bar) level 2, 75% is level 3, 100% (full health) gives level 4 armor to all team members.

Thunder - Instinct: Team members get a portion of instinct meter based on how much health Thunder has.

I think there is alot of possibilities with this idea.

Might be me you got it from @Fwufikins I mentioned a time or 2 about the lack of impact the captain seems to have had on the game. I like you ideas.

I think this would be a cool idea. :thumbsup: