Capcom Cup match ups by Mena

If anyone is interested I found this video very entertaining. Mena is explaining his gameplan. Honestly I was totally hyped and happy he won! even I really don’t know much about SF scene and I not a huge fun of the game, I did enjoy this final a lot. I’m amazed on how he went for it even till the end and didn’t lost his composture!! That was incredible. For real, I was hype.

But lots of ppl and players (even a commentator?) calling him “random, yolo” whatever…He felt the need to explain why he did the things he did and he will show the work he put in the lab in certain match ups.
He also called footsies: buttons and reads: risks. Does japanese play footsies but here in the Americas we just press buttons? Aren’t the same thing?


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To be fair… it seemed like he was predicting those Fireballs rather than reacting to them.

Don’t get me wrong… as far as I can tell, there was no other way. I saw Brolyhino and a Ken Player in similar situations against Daigo…and they weren’t so lucky.

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