Can't wait to be hyped by KI and IG again

Dude when i watch this : :smiley:

My body is still ready for S3 !

Hope we’ll get some news very soon, and some epic trailers as usually.

KI <3


News soon would go a long way to keep me excited.

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You heard it people, he’s hyped to be hyped.
Obligatory posting of the most overlooked trailer:


That one still remains one of my favorites due to how unique it was. Probably THE most unique.


Loved the anticipation the trailers brought. Every month it was like getting a present. That reveal trailer with the silhouettes was so ridiculously hype. Kan-Ra’s trailer was pretty neat, but the Riptor teaser had me speechless. Riptor’s trailer was so unique and fun (even if the soundtrack turned out differently from Mick’s Vine), the trailers for Omen and Aganos with the character narrations and killer music super cool. The one I remember the most clearly though is definite the Hisako trailer w/ the Cinder tease. I was on a trip down to a museum with the College when it dropped. Her trailer was just paced so well; the atmosphere, the music, and especially the voiceover (I swear it was so great it almost put me in tears, as weird as that sounds). Then they brought Cinder’s teaser right back around to the E3 trailer. It was just so well executed…

Huh. That turned into a rant :sweat_smile:
TL;DR- IG, I look forward to some trailers that will get me at least as excited as I was in Season 2. Hit us with your best!

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I think we will get a season 3 trailer at KI world cup


Make a sense… I think you’re right…

I agree!

While the main attraction for me in season3 is probably shotdown now there’s still a few other things to look forward to in season3.

While the my hype-train won’t be at maximum power still moving forward with some degree of enthusiasm.

The silhouette trailer idea was garbo, please don’t ask for another. Literally nothing was there that we didn’t know, it was largely pointless. The best trailer is the original launcher :

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People loved the silhouettes, it gave us something to toy around.

Exactly. It brought conversation about the game and upcoming characters to a wide audience, while showing direction. Plus, we got Broccoli-man out of it.


Plus the silhouettes used were concept arts for the characters. Showing them in full can easily give people the wrong idea that it’s their final design

I am thinking just maybe they will do traditional “first looks” and reveals like they started back in E3 2013. A decent sized trailer showing off the launch characters and then possibly a few screenshots of different types, the select screen, some concept art, etc. Just like other games that are being developed.

The VERY same goes for me here and me too. You and me both, man, you and me both also :sunglasses: