Can't use shadow skin in shadow survival

Is that normal that you can’t use you’re shadow skin in shadow survival?
With sabrewulf i can select the shadow skin in all modes except in shadow survival.
Is it like that or is it a bug?

Shadows don’t fight shadows. They be like bruddahs!

yeah, but still… when you unlock / buy a skin you should be able to use it, wright? :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is a thing.

Off topic a bit, I actually just realized last night that if you choose ‘Shadow Survival’ on the actual Survival tab on the Single Player page, that you can use any character there.


I’ve been lamenting that Shadow Survival was “stuck” in the Shadow Lab, but NOW… I was playing Kilgore in Survival, and having a blast. Earning SP and all that jazz.

If you can’t tell, I’m a VERY happy camper. :smiley:


I figured this out a few weeks ago and have been in the same boat ever since.

Yeah. I saw it there, but just never chose it. I figured nothing had changed. BOY am I happy something did change.

Yeah I thought the same with shadow survival. I can actually use characters I have fun with lol

I still remember that before the December update I was able to use Shadow Skins in Shadow Lords, now you can’t anymore, but I still found funny that my playtrough I started 1 day before the update (and didn’t complete it that day) still accepted my Shadow Skin team for completition shake of that playthrough, it was funny to see “Shadow” vs “Shadow” fights.