Cant update the game. Cant play

I’ve gotten three of my friends to try Killer Instinct and one of them purchase the game. I’m looking to now purchase the game myself but I’m unable to update the game.

I’ve played the game on this PC, I have 43gb installed on my hard-drive (by far the largest game installed), and now that I’m trying to play a couple months later I’m unable to update.

I suspect the problem is tied to windows update but honestly I’ll just stick to platforms that don’t have this problem (steam, origin, etc). If there is is an alternative way to update the game then I’ll support it. If it means spending time getting windows update to work (simply turning it back on isn’t enough) then I’ve lost interest. SF5, Skullgirls, Guiltygear, Tekken7, MvC and more say hello. This was the game that got me to use the windows store and might very well be the game to stop me from using it in the future.

All that being said the netcode is great, the fighting is great, combo breakers I have mixed feelings about but overall great game. Just a shame its a hassle to update/launch the game.

Killer Instinct now requires to have Anniversary update (1607) installed in order to play KI