Can't unlock Kilgore

Just got KI definitive edition, bought Shin Hisako. The only character I still need is Kilgore, but he is grayed out and when I go to the store page it says “Coming Soon”. Tried updating KI, but it’s already the newest version according to Microsoft Store.
Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

It’s working as intended. You won’t be able to purchase Kilgore until April. So you WILL be able to buy him, but at a later date.

Kilgore is temporarily unavailable. He will return at half price on April 4th. Save the date!

Speaking of Kilgore not unlocking…I have had an issue when taking my Xbox out of town to tournaments. Even though I bring my external hard drive and all my KI files are on the Xbox HD and the External HD… Kilgore, Terror skins, Ultimate’s, ect… are not unlocked when I boot up the game. It says I have to purchase them…even though int he game management it clearly shows where those files are on the Xbox and that they are installed. Why would I need to be ONLINE to unlock files that I own and paid for that are on my Hard Drive? its not like its a Games with gold digital down load for free.

Any idea why this happens?

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I do not have exact specifics, but I believe it’s something to do with checking for the license when the game boots up.

The fastest solution I can recommend is to use your phone (or someone else’s) to create a mobile hotspot and connect the Xbox to it, then boot up the game. After it’s gone through the “Syncing to Ultratech Servers” screens you should be able to disconnect from the hotspot and play normally.

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Yeah, I figured it might be that…still sucks though. For some reason the Hotel WiFi wasn’t strong enough or wouldn’t allow me to log in or connect the Xbox. Even though my only intention was to do what you suggested. LAME

When this happened at KIWC it was because the hotel wifi required accepting an agreement on a security screen, and the Xbox doesn’t have the ability to display that when trying to connect.

I ended up connecting my phone to the wifi, accepting the security agreement and then using my phone’s MAC address on the xbox.

Yeah Ive never done the hot spot thing with my phone…Im too impatient for all that. lol

sent you a private response/set of questions to help dig into this. Check your email.

I travel all the time with an Xbox One- but it is not set as my HOME BOX. So it has to be connected to the net to unlock all my digital games. I can usually call the hotel’s net support group and get them to simply add my X1’s MAC address for my stay. This let’s you get on so your saves, licenses etc. all are happy. I skip MP stuff from hotels and have a blast on fun SP stuff.

Hope this helps.

You’re right about the “HOME” setting; I forgot about that part. The system I used during KIWC (and the extra stay after) wasn’t my own. One of the hotels we stayed in had easily reachable IT staff (who, as you said, were able to whitelist my MAC address simply), while the other did not; for the second one I had to take the hotspot/MAC spoof route.

It took us about two days to get KI installed, but that gave us about three days to play during downtime before we were finally able to fly out.

I think its the “HOME” setting for me. Mine isn’t set to HOME becasue I set my sons Xbox to home so he could get all the digital stuff I purchase on my profile for free on his.

Sadly Kilgore is being withheld to grant “added value” to those who payed $10 for him.

He’ll be made available again at some point but we don’t know when.