Can't Sign-in?

Long shots:




Tried all of these, still nothing; still ain’t installing.

This is proper frustrating as well; I was in a live chat with a microsoft person on my PC as well the other day, but I lost the whole chat, and it’s impossible to get the same person back.

They need to fix the issue on why they ain’t updating. Only then, will I be able to sign-in, once they update…

What error are you getting? (What exactly does it say.)
1-When did this first start?
2-Are you using Last-pass?
3-Or a password manager?
4-Password manager built into browser?
5-What happened to your security question?
6-Phone recovery?
7-Are you the only one that uses this PC?
8-Why wont MS reset it?
9-Im running out of things, try this stuff
and see what happens.

I’ve reset my PC. Gonna see if it works now.

Should have noted the error.

I did lol. Anyways, it’s working now after a full reset on my computer; now to re-install everything.

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I’m happy and sad for you!:relaxed:

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Very strange a reset would fix a password issue?
Was it complaining that you where not online
and to enter your email password to log in

any way at least it fixed. :smile:

No, it wasn’t a password issue, it was the above screenshots; those apps weren’t installing and kept getting errors. Either way, it’s fixed now thank God lol.

Yeah, been proper tedious installing everything again lol.

I always create a partition for windows at 80 Gigs.
Then a partition for software. This way you keep
the back up as small as possible.

I use Clonezilla, because it creates an image
of only used data from the windows partition.
Also if possibly put the installed applications
on a separate drive, also where you should place
you backup folder.

With 2 SSD’s and clonzilla I do full windows
backups in 10 minutes, and it only takes up
22 Gigs.