Can't Sign-in?

I’m on PC, trying to sign-in, but I can’t login for some reason. I checked the website to see if any alerts were noted, but nothing.

This happened to me before, after trying to login
"Too many time" MS locked the account and the
only way to get back in was to give debit
info to a card I replaced along time ago

and info on a car I drive like 15 years
ago. Wound up having to create my
jouks account and lost all my passed

so give it a couple of hours…

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I’m gonna ignore the other weird things you said but I gotta know…
Why would MS need info on your car?
Or… are you saying you used it as a security question answer and forgot it? (your car)

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No, the car was paypal, and I have no idea, they look up
your public records i guess. anyway yeah i got locked out
for good. that’s ok no I wear a nfc chip that was injected into
my behind, I just put the phone in my back pocket and presto!

What are you doing later?

Wheres Kwazy Town? ever been to Planet Zaptoid?

Have you tried resetting your password?

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No. How do I do this? I’d appreciate this.

Oh ok, I will. Cheers.

I don’t know exactly, but it’s a pretty basic feature for any online system you have to log into. Usually there’s a link on the login screen.

Yeah the first step is always to do a hard reboot and try again. If that doesn’t work I might suggest waiting a few hours or a day before you start changing your account. It’s not unheard of for the login to be messed up for no real reason. It usually fixes itself.

If it doesn’t you could try the password resets. I haven’t done this but I imagine you could reset your Microsoft account password somewhere on the MS website or

I have been having lots of login issues trying to use Beam but not on Xbox or KI. So it’s tough to know exactly what’s affecting you.

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Now I can’t sign-in to the xbox app lol. I changed my password and now I have error on both. xD

This is the error: (0x409) 0x80080300

Still, no-one can help? :neutral_face:

This isn’t a Microsoft Support forum last time I checked. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’re having issues with a MS app I’d try somewhere else for help… but that’s just advice from a kwazy person so yeah… lol

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Well, I didn’t know where to put this, since I can’t sign-in to KI, plus I don’t know where that is, so yeah…

I just don’t have any other suggestions for you.

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It’s ok, I’ll look up the support thing Goth said; I even re-installed the game and still nothing.

I’m sure you don’t need gold to play right? Since, it’s been ok for me anyways, plus you don’t need gold to sign-in I don’t think surely…

You haven’t needed Gold on Win 10, unless they have recently changed it.

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Oh ok, was just making sure in case it was an obvious mistake; it runs through the xbox app, so I was unsure.

Looked everywhere, asked and still no help.