Cant purchase anything from in game store

Since i cant find anything out there hope to have some info here

I have downloaded the game (KI) and i am trying 2 days now to find out why it doesnt
let me to buy anything from store. When i press buy for example bundle basic 1 & 2 season
even if i try to purchase a character keeps bringing on the signing in tab and when i sign in keeps
bringing up a message something went wont give it another try with a hexademical code each time different
Tried the following
1.Changing region to USA
2.Enabling firewall
3.Entering a friends username and pass before entering the game
4.Changing the way i log in in win from local account to microsoft one (with same password as the app win store)
hm…what else ive tried…can remember right now
5…yeah just created a new account in case mine had mixed countries registered upon it (somewhere read it)
6.cleared the win app store cache

Any thoughts… its pretty frustrating

Having the same problems here…