Can't access my XB1 dlc on PC, ingame store is down, and the news page won't even load. Help

Got a question for you guys, I got Windows 10 today and decided to download KI. I had all 3 seasons purchased and downloaded on my XB1, but sold it about 4 months ago and never thought I’d catch a black friday deal on Win10 to play it again. Is there a way to activate all of my season packs for the PC version without needing my original XB1 to activate them on? I’m sure as hell not going to rebuy the game after spending a stack of money on it already, but I keep getting stuck on the “Checking for content” screen and it never loads anyone for me to use other than Orchid. I can’t access the news meld or it crashes, and trying to ‘buy’ the season packs returns an error. Thanks for the insight.

Live problems at the mo… will sort itself out