Cannot Play KI

Hi Guys, since the Last update, I wouldnt able to play the Game. After the press menu button, stays In the “Checking Download Content” and continúe In that screen without progressing, it’s the only game that doesnt work. I already tried 2 times uninnstalling and reinstalling, but that doesnt seems to work, please help

Well, there are a few other ways, but one of them is much less convenient than the other.
The easy method is to try unplugging and replugging your console, once from the internet, once from power. Either of these should force it to normalize.
If not, you may have to go all out and reset your Xbox to Factory Default settings. Don’t worry, your save progress on all of your games should stay saved thanks to the Cloud, but you’ll obviously need to reinstall everything. I had to Factory Reset once. With the file sizes on the Gen8 games, that wasn’t a fun task. Lets hope it doesn’t come to that.
Best of luck, friend.