Cannot Get Past 'Downloadable Content' screen

Hi, I just downloaded this for Win10 and I cannot get past the downloadable content screen without having to “skip” the process. It goes to the Refreshing DLC Timeout screen. I have continued to wait thru several Timeout screens. What should I do? When I do skip the process… in the Store, it shows $Errors. I figure this is due to the DLC not finishing its thing. I really need help. I have tried troubleshooting thru Win10 and Restarted the PC several times, UAC is on. I even I just have no clue. Please someone help!

I posted a fix for this… Hold on one sec

Go to your “File Explorer” Then go up to “View” and check the Hidden Items box.
2.Local C:
4."User folder"
5.AppData folder
8.Microsoft.killerinstinct-win10 folder
9.SystemAppData folder
10.DELETE wgs folder
11.Restart CPU

This fixed the new syncing issue i had an my profile was fully restored!!! Hope this helps the players and developers, and I apologize if this has already been mentioned.