Can you guys back me up here?

I think a lot of your no more about what is going on with KI, and how it is being handled. This guy has an entire youtube channel dedicated to hating on KI.

Oh wow… LOL

dude just ignore the whacko. I betcha it’s one of the really REALLY REALLY Old forum members from the first game. Just ranting and pissed.

If this person really has his life dedicated to hating a game and even so far as to make it his username, let him. Let him waste his life hating.

Or ya know…he could jut play other games.

Ignore him Hyabusa, the guy isn’t credible in anyway.

I’m loling here. I mean wow, even wearing the “mask” of rebellian and ■■■■? LOOK OUT GUYS revolutian apappapa!

Seriously…just ignore the whacko.


You know you’re just giving him more publicity right? As in you’re helping him become more known.

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I was going to ignore him, after I said my comment, but the guy gave me a golf clap. I hate that ish! lol

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Well logically it’s wise to never feed a troll to start with. Just block him on youtube and report if need be.

The point is, just don’t bother with him. He’s pretty much wasting his energy.

I seriously bet that’s one of the old trolls from the original S1 forums…Lol maybe the guy who hates it cause Orchid’s breasts aren’t big enough or something…

anyway just close this thread man and don’t worry about him.


A guy came and said this dude had good points. He got banned for trolling. Then the guy in the video made a video how IG was unprofessional and censors their fans. Just ignore. He is a pathetic troll and has points that don’t make sense.


My repsonse to him would be- oh hold on brb…

5 minutes later

Back, I was looking for a f**k to give, couldn’t find one.

People like him claim to be “censored”…but…well wen you ramble and do nothing for the game, you’re doing nothing but making noise. Just cause people have the freedom to say wha tthey want, doesn’t mean people will give a flying ■■■■ about it. and also that means no one is really gonna applaud you for “speaking your mind” if you do it to ■■■■ other people off.

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Truth be told there.

Seriously, this guy even hates on playtonic games and other stuff. He really is a troll.

Oh and notice how some of his vids only have like 13 views or so, not alot. Which means he is preaching loud to a church with only a few seats. I bet some of those church goers are sleeping to.


Man, I wish I could take that view I wound up giving him back. Meh, he’ll probably just give up eventually. Every aspect of his content just… ugh :confused:

Come to think of it, why should any of us Give a flack anyway???

If anything, its been made very clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with the Xbox or KI. Maybe he should go ahead and just go on another console. Besides if he’s trying to demand for KI to be a carbon copy then he is out of luck.

Haters are going to hate simple as that/

Wow who is this goon? I cringed as soon as I saw the V for Vendetta mask. Can I have the minute of my life back from watching his video?

Yep he’s just wasting his life. it’s sad, lol. You’d figure with all that hate he could just focus on what he likes and promote what he likes, or ya know do something as a hobby or ya know something like that.

Or get good at KI :smirk:

Just have to say guys please PLEASE do not go clicking the link and giving the jerk anymore views.

Time to close this thread and OP please remove the link if you can.

I’ll remove it. Sorry.

Zurgoide is that you??

lol, just the fact that there are people out there willing to dedicate their lives to creating video content hating out this game simultaneously warms and saddens my heart.

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Not your personal army.

Didn’t even bother watching, thanks to the fact my YouTube app doesn’t automatically view any videos unless I hit play. I saw the Guy Fox mask and lol’d all the way home. :joy:

The thing I don’t understand is that the guy is going on and on about how much he dislikes the game. You know what I do when I don’t like something? I keep it out of my life. It’s worked well enough so far with religious extremists and humus, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for a video game.

On another note:
If he’s complaining about IG “censoring their fans,” I think it’s safe to say that if he’s spewing as much venom as people say he is, he wasn’t a fan to begin with.

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