Can you actually block players in Ranked?

I thought blocking players couldn’t prevent you to face them in ranked but some people claim otherwise. Can anyone tell me what’s the current status on this? Thanks!

It will block them from playing you

I know that this was the case with the old ranking system but hasn’t this been fixed?

You can block people who don’t want to play with. I can verify this. Lately, I’ve been running into a few people who were lag switching (or some other method) to create anomalies in matches where they were losing. I ran into a Hisako tonight who was in most cases terrible, but as soon as I was about to claim victory, then the whole matched slowed to a crawl. They ended up winning. During the second match anytime I started a combo magic lag would appear and then disappear as soon as they got the upper hand. Needless to say I ended the match, summoned all the restrained I could from sending that person an angry letter and then blocked them.

Blocking cheaters keeps my sanity. :smile:

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I have blocked people before too (I don’t do it anymore) but I thought that you were forced to play them in Ranked no matter what. It’s like going to a live tournament and skipping some matches because you “blocked” some players you don,t like to play against. That’ sounds a bit ridiculous to me. I mean, Ranked Mode is supposed to be some kind of competition, no?

From what I understand and have had occur with my profile…is once I blocked someone…I never seen them again. not matched up… nothing.

It should work 100%

Fortunately, Xbox Live’s blocking system is designed to 100% block people. This is in place to stop players from having to deal with troubles like harassment, verbal abuse, and cheaters. No game on the system will make you bypass a block.

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