Can we talk about how dumb the ranking system is?

Someone please tell why the ranking system needs to subtract EXACTLY 200 points when you lose a promotion? Why not the regular 30 to 50? Oh I know why it’s because Iron galaxy and Microsoft copied League of legend’s entire way of doing things right down to keeping you in your rank heaven forbid you win 8 games in a row and lose one match during a promotion. Now you need to play another 4 games to get another chance.

If you can’t tell I’m not a fan of how this works in the slightest and can’t see how anyone could defend it.

Challenge accepted.

If you really are good enough to move on to the next tier then you should be able to get back and win that promotion fight easily. If you struggle to do just that then the next tier will probably be too difficult for you to handle.

LOL am stuck in Silver in League of Legends and constantly drop to bronze because I like to try different characters. If I stuck to one or two characters I’d probably be in Gold.

People actually pay attention to ranks / leaderboards in online games?.. much less fighting games?! o_0

I don’t think I’ve brought up an online leaderboard or checked a rank since early 360 days… =\

That doesn’t explain the massive point reduction. All it’s there for is to keep you grinding. It’s one thing if i grind because i enjoy it and it’s my choice its another when the game is purposely trying to keep me on my ■■■ all day playing.

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Like I said. If you lost your promotion match it could mean you are not ready to move on. The 4 new matches will make sure you are the real deal. It’s better than before where your promotion match could have been a bronze or qualifying player. Now go forth and record your promotion match and post on here. Hopefully it’s as climactic as it is leading up to be.

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I only have a problem with losing a relatively high number of points against HIGHER ranks.

For example while being in Gold, having a winning record or high win ratio against other Gold ranked players but being near the bottom because of a majority losses to Killers, well, is a bit strange, imo. Especially if the system pairs you up with Killers. You get punished twice in a certain way…


Yeah I agree. The other problem I have is with being paired against gold star players. I was placed in silver because I lost 2 matches against top 32 players. I get that theyre players too and want matches but in the back of my head im thinking anyone with a top 32 star should have just been placed in killer to avoid being matched against. I almost wanted to just disconnect when I saw when in qualifiers.

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Why have ranks I everyone is going to be a Killer? I guess you guys think rank is the same as level. In every game level is what you do progress on always, even if you lose. The worst player in the world can be level 50. Rank on the other hand has to be achieved and Killer should be for the best players.

Were you here in Season 1?

Back then almost NO-ONE made it to Killer tier.

In Season 2, they made it way too easy.

It was because you could win your promotion match against ANY rank.

So this would happen:

-A gold tier gets very lucky by playing rush-down style and surprising people. (Which is now a more difficult strategy because of the new “Best-2-out-of-3” system)

-They get to the promotion match and beat a bronze

-they get promoted to killer.

-Now, when a Gold tier beats THEM, they get a lot more points for beating someone that is not actually supposed to be a killer.

-Then that player now gets a promotion match, and beats a bronze, and the cycle continues.

With this new system, You have NO chance of getting lucky and jumping to Killer tier, you HAVE to play consistently.

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That’s not going to happen in KI, because once you go up a tier, you can’t drop below it. :wink:

Which also disproves the OP’s 1st post when he says it’s exactly like LoL. :wink: :wink:


So far the ranking system hasn’t screwed me over yet. Right now I’m staying in silver to get the 20 ranked achievements with my worse characters. If I were to use my mains I’d probably make to gold in a couple of hours. Maybe then I could give a proper rematch against @GalacticGeek since he caught me using jago and I got caught crashing through several walls lol.

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The whole game is based on the risk/reward system, this should not be the source of anger for you. If you were to lose just 30-50 points from a Promotion match, what’s the point of even having one? Might as well just let anyone who crosses the threshold carry on into the next tier and that would make a crazy amount of Killers in name only. I like the points drop, it makes you play for something, balancing your prospect of gaining a tier versus losing a decent amount of points in the grind.

@xSkeletalx @WebNRaGnArOk @BigBadAndy

Looks like Andy isn’t the only one that lost 200 pints on a promotion match.

Hi @TheFinalboss666. I had the same thing happen, and I don’t think it’s a great system. For the sake of clarity, were you fighting a Gold or a Silver tier player in your ranked match? I was attempting to rank into Gold by fighting a Gold tier player. And I lost (not by much, although that’s not especially relevant, just especially aggravating).

My issue is that a normal loss for a silver player fighting a Gold tier player is -12 or so. What makes the promotion match so special? Why is one loss -12 and another -200? It makes no sense. Especially in light of the fact that someone else might get matched up against another Silver player for their promotion. Especially going from Silver to Gold, this just makes it about luck in terms of who you draw in the promotion match. I don’t get it.

For people pointing out that not everyone should be in Killer, I completely agree. But the solution to that is not to whack a completely out of proportion and arbitrary penalty on losing a single ranking match (without warning). A better idea would be to adjust all the loss penalties so that people don’t rise so quickly through the ranks.

I’m perfectly content to sit in Silver forever, fighting people and having a good time. But their system is telling me that I’m rising steadily through the league, and then they send me back to the beginning as if I lost the boss fight at the end of a Mega Man level. Ok. Next time, though, I will probably get some wimpy bottom rung silver player and fly into gold. It doesn’t make much sense…

I’m starting to lean towards folks who see a rank system closer to what we had in S1, where you can move up and down. In that system, I bounced up and down on any given day but my average was steadily rising until I plateaued - in a place that made sense for my skill level. I do like the best of three matches, though, so I don’t know how they should handle that.

Okay, this one takes the cake. I log on after work, defeat a gold player to get to the top of silver. It matches me against a qualifier and I lose - so I drop 200 points. So, I couldn’t possibly advance by winning the match but by losing I get penalized an absurd amount.

Can someone please explain the logic behind this? It’s just pointless and frustrating. It’s making me angry even though I don’t particularly care that much about advancing to Gold.

You can advance by beating a qualifier, that’s how I got from silver to gold. The game says something like “this qualifier is expected to be placed in gold tier” or something.

Mine just said my promotion would be against someone in gold or silver…

Here’s the exact wording. Basically even though they’re qualifier the game allows you to use them for the promotion match if they’re expected to rank into a tier that meets the requirement.

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When I saw “the opponent for your promotion match will be ranked silver or higher” I assumed what it meant was “this is not that player” lol. Not “this player will eventually be Silver.”

I’m having trouble understanding why it’s so hard since I fought a gold player the round before and consecutive silvers after I lost…

Just lost 200 points, did grind whole sunday to get to 900 today I got to 1000 then I lost to the same freaking guy the game has been puting me against for the whole night, and I lost 200 points… I wont like 5 games against him, lost TWO, and one took me 200 points. for real, this is STUPID and not fun.

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