Can we sell or auction KI things here or no?

Can we sell or auction things such as colour 10 codes over this forum, or will the thread be taken down?


I do not desire my Fulgore colour 10 and would like to auction it off, (I shouldn’t have bought this thing on my university student budget :sweat_smile: I need to cut costs). It may be a while till my figure arrives though…

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I’ve got a jago card deck from evo 13, who wants it?

I think we are going to need a trade forum with all this new merch hitting. I plan to sell all the codes that came with my figures.

I’m willing to buy those codes in a bundle.

If it’s allowed I’d be willing to buy all the Wave 1 character colors.

I’m interested in buying all of those codes from You if You want? I’m sure we can figure out a fair price.
Just let me know.