Can we pls have some info about season 3? sos

i find it very very strange that we still havnt heard anything abt the launch of season 3, we still cant pre order it and the game is supposed to be coming out in march ? i remember when maximillian would release exclusive videos prior to ki release to hype up the game , why couldnt they do that with season 3?? what about the textual streams and tender moments stream? in mkx and sf5 we saw eveything long before the game came out to build the hype. our community manager released a picture on shadow jago with the new season3 lighting , sorry but this close to season3 that picture was pointless especially since 3 weeks ago we saw season 3 in motion at the world cup.i really hope microsoft/ iron galaxy step up their game because this game holds a very speacial place in my heart … what do you guys think?


I think you should check the other posts before making another topic about this.


Microsoft’s choice on how they release information on the game

Everyone is disappointed in some fashion about the lack of stages, I’m gutted! But with all due respect you must be the most negative! Look to the bright side, we may (hopefully) be getting something big to substitute for the loss of 5-6 stages!

I’m trying to stay tuned on these forums and on Twitter as I am itching for any new news. Don’t forget about the Xbox/Windows 10 event this Friday, some KI news is confirmed to be there!

Think about Eyedol. If they bring Eyedol back in Season 3? You will buy S3 or not?

Hasn’t Eyedol been very subtly confirmed to not be in Season 3 on multiple occasions?
I’d love to see him in the game, I really would. But so much of the dev team hate him.

Kev Bayliss want bring him back too… But I think they could remake Eydol get better than first!

You need to tone down this attitude of yours. Its good that you want to be yourself and not apologize for it, but none of us are completely ourselves here. We make certain changes to get along with the community, so as a whole it gets better. We moderate the worst parts of ourselves, something you should look in to.
They’ve said everything is good from here on out. And that once we see what they’ve done, we’ll understand the decisions they made. So is it really that hard to ask for you to keep faith and wait for more news instead of jumping on the doomwagon right away?

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I dont think Eyedol will make season 3

Yeah, I’m starting to give up hope on Eyedol making it into the game at all. I’d just love to have the entire retro cast back!

I don’t mean to spark arguments. But you’re acting like this over a couple of stages in a video game? No offence but there are a lot of bigger issues in the world to be worrying about and besides, we are going to have a total of 20 stages in the game! Don’t you think thats plenty?

Okay, you don’t care anymore… We got it… The door is one click away.

I am sure the missing stages will be community funded.

I feel like this thread has gotten off topic and has turned into one big Moonlightninja response… So I’m gonna bring it back to focus. I agree with the OP. Feb is almost over yet we still don’t know much at all about S3… I think its very strange as well. The game needs to generate some hype before it’s release in basically a few weeks… I personally will be hyped either way, but for the general audience I’d be shocked if they were hyped at all at this point… especially with the latest bad news… I mean, even with the Kim Wu and Arbiter tease, I was shocked to see that it wasnt blasted on the home page of this site, but rather through random links in the forums. Other gaming websites made more of a big deal about it than KI’s own host site! So as with the OP, I’m extremely puzzled about Microsoft and IGs marketing strategy for this season… It’s like you have to go hunting for any new info at all - hoping that someone on twitter or in these forums caught/saw something you may have missed smh… I’m really scratching my head on this one…

… dude i wasn’t “blaming you” for anything. All I said was that everyone’s comments started becoming responses to what you said. That’s it. Your opinion is your opinion.

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