Can we please get the XP indicator on select screen for those with the VIP from the UE?

It really bothers me and I just realized when I log in how will I know if there is double xp weekend or something if I do not want to check the forums or elsewhere?

It is also going to suck if this is in place once I have everyone at lv 50 which is only 5 characters so shouldn’t take that long.

Have our base xp multiplier at 2.00 for matches or something or just remove it from the select screen while still on at the winning game screen.

@rukizzel @TempusChaoti @TheKeits please take this into consideration.

We’ve already said that we are looking in to a better option for the Ultra Edition owners. No worries, but thanks for the note.

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Oh okay, I just wanted to put it out there as I haven’t seen any thread about this but I am glad you guys are looking for a solution it is greatly appreciated!