Can we get a playable S3 build at the KI World Cup?

I just thought about this when discussing some S3 stuff this morning with a friend.

Imagine having a playable S3 build at the Killer Instinct World Cup?

I mean the best of the best will be there so why not allow them to test some stuff out and get some true input instead of getting broken stuff at launch tested by random people.

Other big titles have been doing this by having a current build playable at big events. The KI World Cup is Killer Instinct’s main event aside from EVO. Even then, the pot prize is still growing (currently at $30K) and can even exceed the pot prize ($50K) EVO 2015 had before January comes.


Two months before the game’s scheduled release should be EXACTLY the right time to show a playable build of S3 - even if it is not fully loaded with characters. In fact, if they are going to do a beta then that seems like the right time. Capitalize on the hype, support the tournament, and get people playing, streaming, and watching S3.

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I agree 100%. It’s already going to be a hype event. Iron Galaxy should jump on the perfect opportunity for the KI community and make it even hyper.

Take with it what you will, Keits has been, I believe, talking (seeing tweets and such) with Brandon over Skype about things. Secret things, I presume.