Can thunder get a move to deal with projectiles?

I have faced glacius,gargos,omen,kan ra,fulgore, and it IS A NIGHTMARE trying to get in to do damage or at least avoid the damage and mix-ups from projectiles (glacius). I lose half my health then i am forced to use instinct just to get in, which isnt really fair because i have to use my instinct as soon as i get a chance just to get in where other characters have shadow moves that are invulnerable to projectiles and bring them upclose to the opponent. SO shouldn’t thunder have 1 just to increase his chances of having a CHANCE? I also know that you can use call of sky to stop projectiles but the bad thing about that is that it keeps you in place and gives 1 invulnerable dash wich isnt enough when it comes to facing people like gargos. You can also use the dp to avoid projectiles but after you land there is a chance for the opponent to punish u. #buff #thunder

Um…His Sammamish move is projectile invincible. It doesn’t even need meter to make it projectile invincible, his Sammamish DP move is a free get in through projectiles.

With meter though it’s fully invincible.

HP Sammamish has a LOT of distance and can cover a huge chunk of the screen.

CotS’s super-dash can be canceled into special moves, so perform CotS, dash-in and cancel into a heavy or shadow sammamish - this will almost always cross-up the opponent.

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His DP is more than enough to do it. You have to use his follow up options to keep people on their toes so that they don’t just punish you on land each time, plus you might cross up.

And on top of that if you can time a medium kick just right after a sammamish and it’ll launch him quite a distance, closing the gap that they’re throwing fireballs into.

Wow thanks guys responded alot faster than i thought you would ill try the tips out rn :smile::thinking:

How about bringing the old Call of sky back as a hole new move Call of Gods maybe?

Idk call of sky is still useful after i do the launcher ender i do call of sky and once the opponent gets up i do triplax dash and cancel into heavy command grab and do call of sky again . Once the opponent is scared of getting grabbed time to catch them jumping with sammamish @UndeadShinobi6

Im not saying Remove the new one and Replace it with the old one Im saying add the old one as a hole separate move the we can have both.

Oh my bad yeah that would be great but any ideas on what it would do or be? @UndeadShinobi6

what do you mean it would just be the old call of Sky lighting strike your opponent like a projectile just give it a different name and button input Like Call Of Gods or something Call of Rain anything will do

No. A grappler with a move that hits full screen doesn’t make sense and would probably make Thunder too powerful. You don’t just add a whole new move out without taking out something in return.

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Well actually you can they already do it all the time In fact it was just added in the 1st time they did it.

Because people complained it wasn’t very good.

And they took it away. You don’t take a character who is balanced and just add a new move just for the heck of it.

The whole reason why they gave him the Call of Sky was to keep players from staying away from Thunder and attacking him from out of range. It didn’t serve that purpose, so they removed it and added in other ways for him to close the distance quickly.


As others have said, DP is projectile invincible. It should also be noted that Shadow Triplax has a hit of armor that can tank a fireball for you (or most other things actually). It’s good for if a Jago or Fulgore is chucking something your way from Mid range or so, though it can falter against multiple projectiles on screen at once.

Yep, so watch those pip cancels from Fulgore (especially with his new instinct changes)!

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