Can 't use your TE2 to play SkullGirlz on Xbox One

Well, cementing the ridiculousness of the decision to make the Xbox One fightstick not recognized as a real Xbox One controller, you can’t use it to play SkullGirlz as a backwards compatible 360 game. So, you can’t use your 360 stick and you can’t use your X1 stick. Why bother even adding the game to the backwards compatibility list?

Can MS PLEASE make Xbox One start treating the TE2 stick (and I assume the Atrox as well) as if it was an Xbox One controller! This is ridiculous. No one can say anything about WHY this decision was made. MadCatz says it’s a Microsoft issue. So the fightstick you buy for X1 can, right now, be used with 5 games - 3 Killer Instincts, BlazBlue and MkX. So, the value is $40/game.

As someone who has been a loyal customer, who has not jumped on the bandwagon to criticize all the various decisions that went in to making the X1, this is making me NUTS. I can’t think of any logical explanation for it, and no one will offer me one.

I will cosign this. It is a very bad decision on MS’s part, and the silence is annoying. :unamused:

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do you have PS4?

I know this doesn’t help but…my custom fight stick is made out of an Xbox one controller. The PCboard was taken out of the controller and my fight stick was built around it. It has a headset port in the front too. Now this cost a little more than a TE2…but so worth it in the end.

If your interested in getting one…talk to Stan the Man. @BigBadAndy I know you make decent money so you might be interested in making that kind of investment. If you are, let me know and I can hook you up with Stan.

Thanks. It’s something I have thought of, but the truth is it isn’t even about the money. I am happy to spend money on KI, and at this point I will likely just use my Titan One (cheat device) to play Skullgirlz. But what about people who don’t have the money? I mean, they take a great step to make some 360 fighting games (SkullGirlz and Soul Calibur) compatible on X1 and then don’t take the time to ensure that people can actually play them.

I have lots of choices, and I’m not going to make empty threats about leaving KI, because I just love the game. But if I am thinking about getting a new stick am I going to waste my money on a second X1 stick or just get something I can use to play KI on PC? For the money, I could actually buy a PS4 or a better graphics card fro my PC.

I just don’t understand why, on 360, I can plug my stick in and play Final Fight and other Xbox arcade games no problem, but on X1 it’s impossible. It’s causing aggravation - and I can deal with my aggravation by buying my way around it, but other people can’t. Can I honestly tell ANYONE I know that they should invest in an Xbox and X1 fightstick to play KI? I would love to, but with the situation as it is I have to tell them they would be a fool…

I agree it does all seem trivial. Like why cant you plug in a pair of headphones into PS4 or XB1? why do they have to be separate? Its just headphones!!! OMG lol

Fight sticks too…who has the money to buy a FS for both systems? I have both systems but no way am I going to buy a 3rd FS for PS4…no way.

When did skull girls come out for Xb1?

I LOVE that you can plug in any earphones into PS4 controller.

I spent one $30 too many to have the attachment to the Xb1 controller fail.

I can understand frustration with the hardware discrepancy

No you cant…you can not plug in a turtle beach xbox one head phone into the PS4 controller. Even though you can plug in the 3.5 mm jack directly into the PS4 controller it will not fit all the way or work.

Both the PS4 and new XB1 controllers allow 3.5mm headphones but only as like normal earbud, cell phone type earphones. You can not plug in a Nice pair of headphones with chat in either that isnt console specific.