Can’t select Shin Hisako

Need assistance.

Has, or is anyone else having the issue of owning Shin Hisako (knowing full well that you paid for her and have previously played as her) but not being able to select her anymore? I’ve tried reinstalling her on console I just haven’t gone through and reinstalled the whole game on account of a) living in Australia and b) Xbox download speeds a broken right now in AU. I even tried checking on my computer and she’s greyed out on that version as well. It can’t buy her again if I wanted to it even says that I own her. Looking for insight or help on the issue. Suffice to say it’s really bothering me off.


@snickerdoodle can probably help you out, this sounds like something which has happened to a few different people at various times with Shin Hisako, Kilgore, or Eagle.

@BlitzedKraig also might be able to help.

Hey, are you currently part of the Insider Program? Please check out this thread where I provide the work around. I will DM you as well to get more info.

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Hello. Every month the same problem. would it be possible to fix it definitively???Same problem with DLC or online play. 4 days that my Killer from Xbox does not find a match, when it finds the game closes!!!
In short, every month without being able to use my main characterand more days without playing in general. For God!!!

@Metroidbr Just confirming - you are on insider program and not able to select shin hisako, you are seeing holiday banner in the store, no double xp, can’t find matches in ranked?

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Hi today I updated my Xbox to rs4 OS, but I still having the problem with greyed characters and holiday banners. What can I do to fix it. Thanks.

After Shin Hisako’s free week is over, I can no longer select Shin Hisako on the Win10 version of the game. Trying to purchase her brings up the “you own this character” message. I used to be able to play her on this account. I haven’t logged into the Xbox One version of the game for a long time, well before since I was last able to play her.

Gamertag: Infilament

I’m probably not the only one with this problem, since it’s likely to do with the free week somehow. @snickerdoodle @KRAKENJIMMY

Can you confirm if your Win 10 has updated to RS4? do you still have an x1 you can try seeing if she works there?

I had to look up what RS4 is, but my current Win10 version is 1709 which seems like it’s not RS4. I haven’t manually updated Win10 myself in the last week, and it sounds like the RS4 update isn’t rolling out automatically for a week or two yet.

I can see if it works on Xbox One sometime this weekend perhaps (I’m sure I’ll have to download many gigs of Xbox OS and KI updates on it and my internet isn’t very good).

I’m not sure if it matters, but I have been mostly using the Steam version for the last several months, and I booted up the Win10 version for the first time in months just last week (while the Shin free week was going on). I probably hadn’t loaded the Win10 version since the last patch before this issue.

Ok well, as of tonight Shin is working again for me. I didn’t change anything (didn’t boot up the Xbox), so here’s hoping it’s back to normal.

EDIT a day later - Nope, back to not working. Again, nothing has changed. I will try again later tonight (maybe it’s a time of day issue? When it was working, that was during the late night AM hours) EDIT again - Didn’t work at any point I checked tonight, so probably not a time of day thing. Really have no idea why it randomly worked two days ago.

I believe you are not on RS4, that would be Windows 10 version 1803.
Thanks for reporting the on/off behavior- very strange- this really seems like some service issues as the code and your OS has not changed. Still hunting this down, all info helps!

If it helps, Shin is working for me again as of right now, lol.

The Xbox app wouldn’t have anything to do with this, right? At times in there, I was playing online private matches against friends using the Win10 Xbox app to do invites, other times I was booting the game up to test training mode stuff and didn’t have the Xbox app open. But I’ve had Shin work with the Xbox app open and also with it closed (for example, right now it works with both), and Shin has been unavailable with both as well. I dunno, just throwing out possible ideas.

I do not think so (unlikely).

(Shin no longer working for me after having worked for most of the day)
EDIT - Checked back the next day in the afternoon, working again
EDIT - Checked back that evening, not working again

I’m just gonna stop posting updates here but it seems to cycle between working and not working every day or so. I’ve done nothing on my Xbox, haven’t opened the Xbox app in a few days, and have no idea what’s going on. James if you need more info from me, feel free to ask but for all intents and purposes the character is broken for me.

Just reporting, today May 8th the game is working online (match’s), no more greyed characters and the holiday banner is gone. If I have trouble with that I will report here soon.

Hi, today I tried to play and the greyed (blocked) characters and the holiday banner came back. I guess this is something to do with the free rotation somehow.

Is kind of funny, I remember when I first got the DE I had Shin Hisako, and now is not…maybe she is not included in the DE ??

But she’s been acting strange lately

Shin has always been a little strange. She crashed the game entirely a while back :sweat_smile: