Can someone please explain to me how this is possible?

Just watch the video is less than a minute a few seconds in a guy on a boat takes a video can someone please explain to me how this is possible?

Really curious.

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I have no idea but that is really cool lol

I was reading a book and had youtube on not really watching I go to take a sip of OG and glanced at the TV and saw this and was dumbfounded.

How did it even end up on my YT I was watching fail videos in the background.

Can you rephrase the question using punctuation and include the timestamp for what you’re wondering about?

It sounds like you’re wondering how people can shoot video while on a boat haha, but that can’t be. It looks to me like some guy is just holding a regular video camera over the edge of a boat. /shrug
I’m confused at what I’m looking at/for.

If you cannot immediately understand what I mean I doubt you have any answers.

On one side it is complete night time with the moon reflecting on a single point on the water but on the other side is day time and in the middle both spectrums of light are equally divided which is not possible yet it is a thing in the video.

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Ah yes, that phrasing is MUCH more descriptive than “a guy in a boat takes a video…how is this possible” :slight_smile: I understand exactly what you mean now. very cool.

Well if you look closely the reflections of both light sources on the ripples and waves of the water and effect on the camera are quite compelling I believe this real.

Unfortunately we don’t know where this video is taken, BUT this is quite possible. During certain times of the year in the far north, think Alaska, you can have the sun and moon up at the same time do to the fact that you are near the pole. The fact that he stated that the amount of light on the sun side would not get any darker, makes me think he’s up closer to the North Pole.

Makes sense but then can you explain how the moon is full? It is a not full daylight yet the moon is full from my understanding that would not be possible. Clearly the moon is completely visible as well.

I wish we had more info but I just came across this by accident and I do not know much cool nonetheless.

It’s possible because the sun, despite not being visible from where they filmed the video, was still partially up. The Lunar cycle still exists. When they looked to the shore, any view of the sun was blocked by buildings, trees, possible mountains in the distance. The sun simply wasn’t visible at “their” height. However if you were to fly 35,000 feet into the air, you would clearly see the sun, just as you would see the moon.

It looks bizarre because on one side, there is only water, possibly for hundreds of miles. The moon’s view was unextructed by anything higher than boat was. (at least for the foreseeable distance.

However on the Sun’s side, they were physically lower than what was on the horizon line, so you couldn’t clearly see the sun itself.

It’s kind of the same reason why the sun looks freaking HUGE when rising on an African savannah… Sparse vegitation, low to no smog (no man made air pollution), virtually flat land, reveals the true mass of the sun, where as in most cities, thick smog, and other factors makes the sun look much smaller.

It’s most likely the Midnight Sun phenomenon just like how Scandinavia including Norway often experiences that particular phenomenon too :wink: