Can somebody make a GIF of Rubelo extending his hand when Blake loses his shit after their set?

I actually just watched it. I felt bad for Blake. But Blake will always be one of the best Jagos in the world to me. He is one of the Jagos that I inspire to play like, because he is so good! He’s just really passionate. i want to see his Jago in S3. He is going to get even more deadly…

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I don’t want to hurt the guys feelings because he’s obviously sensitive about this stuff. But I find it annoying when he does his dorky Jago poses whenever he wins a match… yet he pouts like a child whenever he loses.

He can do whatever he wants and he is entertaining to watch. But I don’t really feel sympathetic for him when he acts like that.

That’s fine, but he is having fun, and that’s why I love this community. We are literally going to Tourneys to Win of course, but to have fun, and meet new and old friends. Sure, Blake isn’t one to back down from Theatrics, but you have to give the man some credit. He works AMAZINGLY hard to get his Jago up there. Having to go through that entire bracket, only to lose against a trade, is heart breaking. I’m sure if that happened to you, you’d be hella salty. I know I would, and I hardly ever get Salty. Nothing Wrong with Popping Off. It’s only when you target someone with it and disrespect them is it bad. Blake just copying Jago’s outro shows he really loves the game, and is willing to keep playing it.


It’s just the passion that goes through us players, that shows we really love this game, and are not willing to let it go. You don’t see that in Street Fighter! LOL Everyone mostly is stone-faced, and just fight and move on… XD

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Rubello swept him. It was a straight massacre lol

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The Jago vs TJ MU is kinda hard in my opinion, because of Powerline.


TJ Powerlines through EVERYTHING. LOL

Hey @DurtyDee810 I hate to say… I cant make gif because this video’s record is very long. I can still make gif, but it will be very long. Please patient! : )

Done! I know I’m film with my IPad. I’m trying to make gif but website won’t let me to make gif because video’s record is too long for gif. So that’s why I use my IPad! I hope you like this!


lose big, ■■■■■ it, have a beer and walk it off then continue moving forward

I understand he was upset, but you have to keep your cool and walk off the stage regardless.

exactly, no need to act that way and take it that hard and make yourself look bad. he can have that moment in private

Want to see the hole in my desk from that XB1 controller? As stormrider said, this was also done ‘in private’ after losing nearly 300 points to Killers…while I am in Gold, lol

Lol If you want to show us. I imagine you punching straight through the desk though.

He took it hard.

Did he actually think there could be a tie???