Can S3 Ultra Edition Owners turn off Double XP?

Will be there any option to turn off Double XP after purchasing the Ultra Edition Season 3? I actually like the grind :smiley:


Speak for yourself lol… And you’re still grinding either way.


maybe in after release … that waht iam hope … once they mention that level ender 4 can be disable later on …maybe we will have something like that with the xp thing

They should just add the option to toggle season 3 off completely. XD


They should add a toggle for toggles.


Yes, when facing another S3 player force them to turn on level 4 enders. Those who turn them off think that they’re at an advantage but they’re really at a disadvantage because the hype is not there XD

Can we get a toggle for stay tuned? Turn a toggle mid match. During a level 4 ender,spam the toggle so the game crashes.

I personally don’t mind the double XP boost means I can finally unlock Glacius color 9 and not have my bro bug the livin’ hell out of me about it, lol…

I actually would like the option to turn it off as well please. I enjoy having my xp bar fill up and double xp just causes the leveling to be over sooner. Right now being forced to have double xp on is the only thing making me consider the combo breaker pack over the ultra.

man you guys want a toggle for everything lol

Wow, never thought I would read this thread in my entire life, lol.

I would very much support an option to turn off the indicators that are saying you are earning double XP, just because it clutters up the character select screen if it’s going to be there permanently. Of course, you are still earning double XP in the background.

If turning off/on the double XP itself is also an easy toggle switch to program, then… I guess it could be added? But man, I never thought I’d hear anyone say the grind is fun in this game.


There’s nothing wrong with the OP asking the question, but yeah I’m really amazed at how much people seem to want toggles for.

For me it’s not that the grind is fun, it’s that i feel less motivated to play after maxing out and i hate setting xp go to waste after each match. So the longer i can play without reaching max level the more fun I’m having.

Toggle instinct: season 3, the rise of togg-- i mean gargos


Toggle confirmed as guest character for S9? Season 9 confirmed?


ooo is there a toggle for toggle for season 9?


OMG. This is insanity.

LOL If I only could say grinding is fun with all games…



The Division…


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