Can round 1 be over when it's over?

You hear your character die, and the opponent, is still beating a dead horse. The game gives you plenty of moments to show off. It’s like okaaaay!!! nope! over and over and over

till finally…

Most characters have special traits which can be gained from combo’ing your opponent after the health bar is depleted. Such as fulgore with his pips, spinal with his skulls and shadow for any character with a battery ender. Besides, when you get hit between rounds you still gain meter and instinct, many times it is actually beneficial having your opponent combo you between rounds for you will get a full instinct bar sooner.


But don’t you want to do your battery ender for extra meter? Jago can still gain health and Omen and Spinal can lock you out of meter. Aganos can chunk up. Fulgore can gain Pip speed.

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I disagree and here’s why,

All the extra hits the opponent is hitting you with, you or anyone can take some pointers from them and learn some new parry’s, this goes for the ultras too.

People have different styles in their ultras as well and me personally I like watching what different combos/parry’s people can come up with.

What are you talking about. Learning parries? Different ultra styles? Are we talking about Killer instinct?

Obviously yes!!

I’ve seen people use different shadows moves in ultras and mixing it up

Also when the character is dead between rounds I’ve seen crazy cool parrying to stretch the combo out massive 40+ hits

But you can’t do anything when getting ultra’d, besides, you might be confusing parrying with other mechanics inside the combo system. The only characters who can do a parry style of move are Arbiter, hisako and kim wu.

You can do shadow moves during ultras, saberwolf is one of the characters you can do it with, saw it done tonight

And yes parry I can parry pretty well with Gargos between rounds for a super long combo

What exactly is this “parry” you are talking about?

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Sorry the proper word is juggle not parry

You can stretch I combo out long by doing these

Now it all makes complete sense, thanks.

Yes sorry for the confusion.

I was telling OP it’s interesting to see how other players ride out their combos

You cant ultra at the end of round one.
Just thought I’d point that out and make the above 9 comments completely redundant


This, pretty much. I get that it’s demoralizing (you ever sit through three full ultras? then get teabagged? not fun) but there’s a definite reason for it in round one. I’d take advantage of it if you’re not on the receiving end.

Helps you build resources, and also take theirs. No, it’s not fun when you’ve just popped instinct and you gotta watch it drain away, but that’s part of the game. Or say you’re playing against a Maya, if their daggers are on the floor you want to take them as far away from them as possible. Give them nothing*, but take from them everything.

*(except a free bit of shadow meter)

If you’re in such a hurry to move on, you might want to find a different fighting game.

This game actually pales in comparison to SFV in terms of time spent waiting for a match.

More matches per hour in KI to be sure.


Most of the time when people corpse beat it’s because they’re still learning the game and it’s a great opportunity to explore the combo mechanics while also being fun for the victor. These players generally aren’t aware of the impact it has on the Instinct meter.

For everyone else they either aren’t aware that they’re helping you, have decided that building shadow meter is going to be worth it, or just don’t care. I don’t mind any of these.


If its for meter gain, ect… then thats why.
I also love it when they show off and waster their shadow bars! Im like “Yeah dumb ■■■ keep on hitting me and wasting your meter while giving me more! go go go!”


I never said you can ultra at the end of round one.

Don’t know if you was replying to me or not