Can KI Get Another Mode

Can we get a team ranked mode similar to mkx team mode or a tournament mode somewhere down the , combo assist may actually be used but combo breaker training is something i dont see anyone using that training is in the dojo mode like seriously. Maybe even a speed mode like KI 1 where all moves are like 0 frames lol


I would like to see a H.O.R.S.E. mode or something similar.

Imagine, you are randomly given a task and the only way to damage an opponent is that you have to perform certain moves or setups.

JUGGLE - The opponent only takes damage if he/she/it is juggled

LEVEL 4 - The opponent only takes damage if you perform a level 4 ender

WALL BOUNCE - The opponent only takes damage upon comboing off a wall bounce


Or I could imagine a mode where both life bars are extra long and represent the rope in a Tug-of-War match. Every hit you land eats your opponents lifebar but also gives you life back. The first person to fill their life bar wins.

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only if the execution in this game was harder it would make it more challenging but yeah if they put this mode in i would for sure play it just something besides ■■■■■■■ ranked leagues i need a party game for ki because this games makes me LOSE MY MIND ONLINE LOL

I just want standard Arcade mode… Just a ladder where you fight the other characters without the endurance Surviva stuff.

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Don’t we have that already?

yes we do lol i dunno what this guy thinks he wants haha

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Some of these ideas seem alienating. Doing juggles with certain characters is hard and I doubt anyone under a gold rank would play those modes. Better to add modes that are fun **and accessible to all. **

I’d like to see a unlimited shadow or instinct mode mode. Where crazy stuff happens. Maybe a lower gravity mode where everyone has super jumps ala Mahvel.

Season 1 story mode = Arcade mode
Season 2 story mode = Story mode (Fixed fights)

He wants an arcade mode which includes season 1 and season 2 characters going through a ladder

What about a Final boss mode?

(like street fighter alpha 3 with M. Bison)

It just where you fight the final boss instantly, and for KI it would be Boss Shadow Jago

I just don’t want to go through Arcade mode to fight him it takes long

How does that sound?


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Just posted an idea for a new single player mode where you go through a ladder with every CPU opponent having their instinct activated for the ENTIRE fight.

Def Tag team!!!