Can I play this game offline and still access all my roster? Content!? *SOLVED*

Every time I go offline Im only able to access season 1 and Shadow Jago…This is very concerning as I always put together parties and stuff with friends and when I take my Xbox outside I dont necessarily have access to WIFI or any other means of internet access…

I dont believe this to be correct as I already purchase the whole game and I see no reason why I have to be always online in order to access content I already paid for.

Thank you my brothers for your response

If you are experiencing this issue on Xbox, try this solution. No online required.
You won’t be able to access mimic skins or Shadow Lords, since they’re tied to the update, but all characters, costumes, and skins are available.


That’s good to know, thanks for sharing

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Sorry but that doesnt seems to work on me…I do the exact same thing and still just season 1

Thank you anyways

At the Title Menu, have you logged out then logged back in? Sometimes I try it 2 to 3 times just to be on the safe side.

I was finally able to fix the issue. Called MS and they recommended to uninstall the updates ONLY, not the whole game and then re-download them all and let them install…

Afterwards, tried both modes online and offline and everyone was there.

Issue resolve